Going outside in the rain…

  • Funny story…my B does not like to go outside to pee in the rain (not surprising). When it is raining she stands at the door, looks back at us then looks outside again, then back at us. Usually she will just step down the two steps to the concrete and pee right at the foot of the stairs. Then she shamefully squirms back inside. It is too cute. Anything to avoid the rain I guess...

  • LOL…you're lucky she goes out without you. Mine won't. I have to leash them up and drag them out. My b girl goes first and wants back in immediately....then my vizsla goes and wants back in, then I have to go stand outside with my b boy who prefers to play in the rainwater gushing down the gutters rather then pee. I'm always soaked by the time they all get done!
    Luckily it doesn't rain here often.

  • Yea, these Bs are something, my B, Sahara will hold until she bust almost, she hates wet grass and rain. I have to take her outside myself sometimes with my big umbrella and hold it over her. I know my neighbors must think I have lost my mind, haha!!!!

  • Kit's actually been really good about going out in the rain this year. We have had more rain than usual with the tropical storms passing by. Poor thing has had to trudge through standing water more than once in the last month.

  • We were walking not too long ago, and ended up far away from home on this trail near a totally open field, no shelter what-so-ever. I apparantly didn't check the weather before I left, and a storm popped up…and we were stuck in a HUGE downpour with no where to go. Poor Tosca just had to stand there and take it, I tried to block her with my body, but it didn't really work. Once it led up I could literally wring out my shirt, thats how wet we were. Luckily she took it in stride and was fine...but I am sure she was not too happy with me!

  • We got caught in a rain once and were almost back to the house but EL D insisted on turning back to get home along the same path - I had a dickens of a time trying to drag him home the rest of the way - he just didn't understand the difference in the distances or the idea of our walking circuit. Too funny (and too wet).

  • I must be a lucky one. Brando could care less about the rain. Ruby has always been really good about the rain, but because Brando will run right off the porch for a walk in much heavier rain, Ruby does the same.

    Considering it rained almost every day here during this summer, it is good that my b-kids are easy going about the weather. This summer meant that all their walks during the day were all in the rain. In fact, one time walking a thunderstorm hit and it was a torrential downpour (like someone turned a high pressure shower on). No problem. The kids were soaked and they did look at me like "mom, what the heck is this", but they were fine and we did 2 miles in it (we were 2 miles from home). After that, they cared even less about the rain…I guess they figured it couldn't be as bad as that.

    Granted if I just left them outside on their own, they probably would hang under the porch, but walks (their regular walks of 2-4 miles) are no problem because there is always adventure of some sort on the walks.

  • I have to just pick him up, and drop him on the grass. Even if there is a slight dew on the grass, he won't walk on it. He even runs off of it very quickly after going to the bathroom, sometimes beforehand too.

  • We went on a four mile hike with mauigirl & our 4 kids… none of us bothered to check the weather as it was a beautifully sunny 95 degree day. Halfway through, the weather turned. Lightning, creaking trees, fierce winds, soaking rain, hail, falling trees. Most of the dogs took it pretty well, although Lola looked like a drowned rat & cast me the most pitiful looks for the entire miserable 2 miles. Ours don't argue much about peeing in the rain after that.

  • The dogs took it WAY better than I did!

  • Tillo doesn't like the rain as well. We pick him up, and put him on the grass. Than it's ok and he will walk for 5 - 10 minutes.

    Since monday we bring him to the 'baby'sitter during daytime. She didn't know about the 'picking him up', so he didn't want to go out.. and peed in the house….:eek: 😉

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