• Our rescue boy is home at last. With the help of Sharron, Helen, Kristin, Stephanie, Patsy, and Gena and Ruben, Issac and Owen we were able to spring this guy from an El Paso shelter and bring him home to San Diego. He was skin and bones when he arrived but he's put on a pound and a half already and his coat is shiny.

    He's a happy, mellow little guy who loves to chew anything he can get his teeth on, but is cooperative about trading whatever he's found for a chew toy, especially if it's a hoof. He occasionally jumps a bit when you reach toward him. We changed his name from Donko to Bongo, partly because it feels catchier and also because we think he had some rough times in his old home.

    Our Fiji just turned 3, Bongo will be 4 in Nov. They hit it off right away, though she still gives him a hard time for certain things. They don't call 'em bitches for nothin', y'know?

    We're hoping the dogs will console each other when our visiting grandson goes home, Of course, he was with the group that delivered Bongo to his furever home, so maybe Fiji is hoping Bongo will leave when Ruben does.:rolleyes: But in the meantime, boy and dogs make a happy trio.

  • Awesome basenji!

    Congrats on the new member and thank you SO much for opting to rescue!

  • Awesome basenji!

    Congrats on the new member and thank you SO much for opting to rescue!

  • What a cute boy. I can see he enjoys the couch!

  • Yay…what a great outcome for this little guy... thank you so much for the cute pics. 😃

  • Very handsome baby 🙂

  • How sweet he looks… congrats!!!!

  • So happy that Bongo has a great forever home now. Looks like Fiji is being a good sport keeping busy with Bongo. They're both very pretty!

  • I love happy endings.
    Thanks for opening your home to this boy.
    There are so darn many in Texas that need homes.
    At least your family is now complete.

  • He does enjoy the couch. 🙂 We get the impression he wasn't let inside much at his former home.

    Alex - assuming it was you - thanks for fixing the photos! I'm tech-challenged sometimes.

  • Congratulations!!! Bongo is a very lucky boy and I'm sure he knows it. He and Fiji look like they have bonded already, I hope they have along and happy life together, with you!

    Anne in Tampa

  • He looks right at home.

  • Congratulations on your new addition - he looks great (so does Fiji)!

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