Our Dexi is home

Tried to post a picture, hope it worked!

What a cute little pup 🙂


Oh my! Dexi is one adorable little peanut! You will never forget this first day of Dexi in your home. Wishing you many many days and years of fun and love with your new basenji!

Love her little innocent face - loads of luck with her.

Thanks everyone, there is nothing cuter than a baby basenji!

First Basenji's

I agree they just melt my heart.. unlike any other puppy I have seen or been around…

awwwwwwww, lovely

Thanks, we love her! Even when she gets up at 5:30 am. LOL.


Thanks, we love her! Even when she gets up at 5:30 am. LOL.

That is the POWER OF THE BASENJI! And it doesn't seem to wane as they get older. They easily get us wrapped around their little paws. 🙂 When I take Kipawa for what should be a 1.5 hour walk/run, we are stopped constantly with people wanting to know more about the breed. It's those adorable faces I tell you!

They do have the cutest faces. Too bad we all live so far away, it would be great if they could all meet each other.

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