Teenagers and moving out of the home

It's what all teenagers think of, UNTIL they realize it's way too much work, and that Mom and Dad do provide the best place to live!

The view looks nice from this condo.
And I've got a great new orange bar-b-que - I can do steaks for all of my basenji friends!
Looks like there is enough gas in the mower…
Hey, mowing is hard work! I think I'll live at home with my human parents forever. This independence stuff is 'for the dogs'.

Thanks, Kipawa, that put a big smile on my face!

too funny! just love that mowing pic!

Love it!! Kipawa knows where he's well off!!

Kipawa, you are much better off at home!!!

First Basenji's

He should mow for me!! I love these pictures they are soooo funny!

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