• Its so hard taking pics of puppies!

  • Absoloutely adorable! Lots of fun and challenges ahead, but really rewarding…congratulations on the addition

  • Aww look at them big bat ears, sooo adorable! Are you going to continue to call her Derek?

  • I love the big "I still have to grow into them" puppy paws and the body wrinkles! She is absolutely adorable, and I am liking the name of Derek for her. It will make her unique! And trust me, she will be. Basenjis have so many similar traits, but you will find many things that she does that will make her your special little girl. 🙂 Keep posting pictures and letting us know how things go. She is a sweetie! P.S. I find it always hard to take pictures - they never stop moving!

  • First Basenji's

    Cuuuutie. That's a very nice collar.
    I find that they are hard to take pictures of as adults, too. It helped when I got a DSLR that can take multiple shots at fast speed. 🙂

  • Thanks everyone! Sticking with Derek for now unless something else catches.. She is such a sweet little thing, for now at least 🙂 and yes those ears are mighty large!

  • Lovely pictures. I too like the name but it could confuse some!!

  • Yes it could! I said "good boy" once today, shame on me!

  • She is adorable - congrats!

  • First Basenji's

    Oh My!!!! What a cutie! and the pic with everyone's paw/arm around each other! You are a good shot at capturing the 'Kodak Moment' Be very careful about having that camera in front of your face so that she learns to recognize you without it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great name! as unique as her color!! Good Luck with her, seems to be on a good start!

  • She is as beautiful as Bo Derek…. aka Basenji Derek! 🙂 I love your pictures and you can tell that she's accepted by all in your pack! Congratulations!

    Hugs and Roos- (Does she?)

  • Charming pictures! What a sweet group. 🙂

  • Derek is a really cute little girl! I find that because of their intense little faces, most people I meet think my girls are boys until I tell them otherwise anyway. Love those huge ears, she is adorable!

  • I'm nuts because I think most dogs look like boys, then again I've never owned a female

  • @Chealsie508:

    I'm nuts because I think most dogs look like boys, then again I've never owned a female

    I always thought the male Basenjis looked rather coarse until I owned one. The girls are definitely a little "finer" to my eye. 🙂

  • Thanks everyone! She is doing great so far, awesome personality. I'm so happy I found Kyle and Steve, they have been great as well.. She hasn't roo'd yet, but she screamed bloody murder in the crate in the car!

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