• I need some suggestions for call names for 5 males. I posted this on another list but thought I would also try here. I would prefer names that begin with "C" or "D" and end in a y sounding name as I think these names are easier for dogs to learn. The males are approximately 8 months old and I do not know yet if they are littermates or even what color they are. I seriously doubt they have call names but I may be surprised.

    I saw the other post about the website with the names and I will go there and see if I can find anything I like. Sometimes a name will come to me once I see the dog. If the dog is registered I may pick a name from it.



  • What kinds of names are you looking for? people type names? African countries names/terms? characteristical names?

  • Danny, Davey, Daffy, Dobby, Corey, Cappy, Cody

    That's all my brain will come up with

    Anne in Tampa

  • Wally, Pooh, Buddy, Rudy, Buck, Beau, and Crash

  • Casper, Captain, Ceya, Ceaser, Cassius.

    Drake, Dobby, Dori, Drabs, Drape, Dribby, Dox, Dax….

  • Cody, Calamity, Casey, Captain [nickname Cappy], Copper, Chaos, Comet, Curly…

    Derby, Dizzy, Dusty, Dylan, Dyno, Dash, Digger....

  • I always like to see the dog's personality first before I make names. But being Christmas how about Dasher, Dancer, Donner, Drummer, and (can't come up with another Christmas oriented one so) Dreamer.

  • Sisco, Skylar, Shadow, Sidka, Snoopy, Scooby, Shylo.
    Max, Marvin, Meeko, Marty, Mud, Melvin.
    Dewie, Lewie, Stewie, Tewie, Chewie.
    Casper, Cadence, Comet, Cobie, cwaker, Corezon, Carson, Camden.

    idk. lol I hope i have helped…they arent the best but you never know. Some people like what other people dont. 🙂 I knkow how you feel though, I am trying to name my little female red white basenji but so far have not foudn the perfect name! Well, Good luck!

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