Need Call Names for 5 Males

I need some suggestions for call names for 5 males. I posted this on another list but thought I would also try here. I would prefer names that begin with "C" or "D" and end in a y sounding name as I think these names are easier for dogs to learn. The males are approximately 8 months old and I do not know yet if they are littermates or even what color they are. I seriously doubt they have call names but I may be surprised.

I saw the other post about the website with the names and I will go there and see if I can find anything I like. Sometimes a name will come to me once I see the dog. If the dog is registered I may pick a name from it.



What kinds of names are you looking for? people type names? African countries names/terms? characteristical names?

Danny, Davey, Daffy, Dobby, Corey, Cappy, Cody

That's all my brain will come up with

Anne in Tampa

Wally, Pooh, Buddy, Rudy, Buck, Beau, and Crash

Casper, Captain, Ceya, Ceaser, Cassius.

Drake, Dobby, Dori, Drabs, Drape, Dribby, Dox, Dax….

Cody, Calamity, Casey, Captain [nickname Cappy], Copper, Chaos, Comet, Curly…

Derby, Dizzy, Dusty, Dylan, Dyno, Dash, Digger....

I always like to see the dog's personality first before I make names. But being Christmas how about Dasher, Dancer, Donner, Drummer, and (can't come up with another Christmas oriented one so) Dreamer.

Sisco, Skylar, Shadow, Sidka, Snoopy, Scooby, Shylo.
Max, Marvin, Meeko, Marty, Mud, Melvin.
Dewie, Lewie, Stewie, Tewie, Chewie.
Casper, Cadence, Comet, Cobie, cwaker, Corezon, Carson, Camden.

idk. lol I hope i have helped…they arent the best but you never know. Some people like what other people dont. 🙂 I knkow how you feel though, I am trying to name my little female red white basenji but so far have not foudn the perfect name! Well, Good luck!

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