• I am getting my puppy in a few weeks- as of right now I don't know whether it will be a boy or a girl- most likely a boy…I also don't know the color:

    I am between two names for sure: so help me pick

    Aspen or Oakley (Oki for short)

  • Myself, I would wait until I know for sure, and then get the dog. Can I ask you who your getting your b from?

  • Eldorado Kennel

  • I like Oakley

  • I have an aspen 🙂 He's not a B thought he's a cattledog/terrier mix 🙂 So i am gonna have to say ASPEN !! 🙂

  • suki was home with me for a couple days just being called 'dog' or 'puppy' or 'wee beast' until i could decide on a name that suited her. you might have a few names on a list, and then just wait and see.

  • All 4 of my basenjis have call names that are related to their registered names. Maybe the registered name you or the breeder comes up with will help with the call name.

    Bejeweled (registered) = Ruby (call)
    Genesis Sui = Brando
    Chosen One = Aaliyah
    Black Sabbath = Ozzy

  • I like Aspen, thats very pretty 🙂

  • Houston

    I am not much help..I like them both..Oakley I like for a girl though…Aspen for a boy..my boy already has his name picked out, Pippin, although I don't know if we actually call him that at all times..maybe Pip, Pipsqueak..or hey you..

  • I like Oakley. And if you shortened it to Oki, that's cute too. If you are thinking "tree" names, there's always Willow, etc.

  • I'm partial to Oakley. Makes me think of Okey-Dokey, Okilly-Dokilly. I'll stop there. 🙂

  • Aspen makes me think of timidity - Oakley sounds nice. Me, I'd wait until I had the puppy - I find that they 'tell' you their names.

  • @Kipawa:

    I'm partial to Oakley. Makes me think of Okey-Dokey, Okilly-Dokilly. I'll stop there. 🙂

    Funny you should ention that, Kipawa !!! My Ochre, (pronounced O'Kar), has the above nick-names, as well as a few more… Okey-Pokey, Okar-Pokar, Miss Poke/r and a few others that I best not write here 😃

  • I like Aspen 🙂

  • I agree, I wait to be around a pup for a bit and then often pick a name that ties to the registered name;
    FoPaw's Designated Driver "Sober"
    FoPaw's Little Bit of Luck "Clover"
    FoPaw's Oh My God "Odin"
    FoPaw's Makes U Wonder "Stevie"
    FoPaw's Lead Singer "Diva"
    there are many more but these are a couple that come to mind, owners have picked similar matches. Jordan Reed has chosen some very clever names as well.
    Atarasi D'Lucks Edition "Eddie" (Clover's brother)
    Atarasi About Face "Sarge"
    Atarasi All About Me "Mimi"
    I love playing with names like this. I like Oakley myself but I think you'll be surprised to know exactly what his name is when you get him home.
    Good luck with the new baby.

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