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We're getting a puppy! It's a boy. We want an African name so if anyone has any suggestions that would be great. Thanks!

Simba 😉

There's a really good English-Swahili translator on internet.. You can google it. Then you just type in words with a special meaning and you'll get it translated into Swahili 🙂

When I was choosing name for our Masai I have also been thinking about Djugu.
I love african names all our pups have them :).

We had considered Deodji/Diodji… 😃

There are several categories of African names here

I still haven't found a name. Any suggestions?

This is a great website: I just spent 4 hours on there searching for names 😃

What about Kayin? It means 'celebrated child' in Yoruba. It's easy to pronounce and def a boys name 🙂

Or Lekan, from Olamilekan, which means "my wealth is increased"..

Thabo.. Means 'joy' in Tswana..


great suggestions Janneke..I like them all…


We had considered Deodji/Diodji… 😃

I think that is a really nice name. As it happens, one of the police dogs in our area who has been honored recently since he was wounded in the course of duty was named Diodgi. I believe they are in the process of erecting a statue of him. I'd never heard the name before, so it struck a chord.

diodji = dee oh gee = D O G

Thanks. I've been using behindthename for other reasons :D. I've looked there and didn't like what I saw. We're thinking of going with Diodji…:D


diodji = dee oh gee = D O G

Right!! That's what the police dog's handler said when they asked how he named him. Of course, he was a German Shepherd, but the name's cool anyhow.:p

It's decided! His name will be Diodji.

Be sure to post lots of pictures when you finally have him - we all love puppy pictures!

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