Foxy and Cami update

For those who remember Foxy and Cami - their lives are again in turmoil as their home is or shall I say WAS in Cedar Rapids. I am in contact with their owner and have offered to help in any way I can until they can get some order in their living arrangements.

Any other B's in the area that may need a ride out if I have to go down there?

Poor babies. What happened?

Cedar Rapids is one of the first towns hit very hard by the Midwest Flooding. Most of it (from what I saw) is pretty much under water and lots of folks are displaced from their homes.

With the Mississippi rising and bursting out of levees, I am sure there will be much more to come.

My prayers are with the families/pets in the area.

I believe that they will be able to stay with their family - so it is not that they need new homes - it's just the flood did a number on many homes and they will not be able to go in and survey the damage to thier place until next week.

how sad! but I'm glad you're part of their support system and keeping in touch.

For those who remember all of the above turmoil with Foxy and Cammi - I wanted to let you know that Cammi has now joined her mother Foxy and devoted human John Siverson at the Rainbow Bridge as a result of Cancer. Many thanks to those who have cared about and for Cammi and our sympathies to her most devoted family who has provided her love and support for these years. Our sympathies to you and our thanks for caring about and for her.

Just saw this, thanks for the update. That was a terribly sad situation, poor John, I felt to bad for him. But so glad Foxy and Cammi got to live out their lives with another loving family.

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