• I was sitting there in the bathroom minding my own business when the door flung open and my boy stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me like I was doing something wrong because I was in there. He stared at me through the corner of his eye and walked very slowly to the counter where we keep the toilet paper. I didn't say anything because I wanted to see just how bold he is. Still staring at me through the corner of his eye, he put his front legs on the counter and slowly opened his mouth, and was going to grab the roll of paper. "Not Yours" I said to him and as soon as I finished speaking he grabbed the paper and ran just as fast as he could. I was in no position to chase him but I just kept yelling, "NOT YOURS! NOT YOURS!". My wife caught him in the hallway and shredded toilet paper all around him. She yelled at him and he ran off, I just know he was laughing at me…

  • Too Funny! Not only are these beasties smart, they also have a wicked sense of humor!


  • hehehhehe. brilliant

  • HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Jack does that all the time!!!!

  • OMG…I am glad I am not alone in this. Zaire has tried a couple of times to steal the toilet paper when I am in the bathroom, and ONLY when I am in the bathroom. I leave the bathroom door open all day and she has never tried to steal the roll while I am elsewhere in the house. So the first couple of times she tried I caught her and told her off for it. Well we all know how smart Bs are...for about 3 weeks I was sure I had talked her out of theiving the paper. Then about 2 weeks ago she figgured out how to pull one over on me.
    Now it's a daily occurence...She waits paitently till I get into the shower, and if I forgot to close the bathroom door...in she comes quietly as can be...really I don't even hear her at all....untill I hear the roll being unrolled at super sonic speeds. Ususaly by the time I jump out of the shower and wrap a towel around myself she is already out the bathroom through the living room up the stairs and shredding the toilet paper all over my bed. (Ah what a princess) 😃

  • Yep, we haven't had toilet paper on the roll since about the week after we got Tosca. Luckily she can't get on our counters, so its safe there!

  • EL D doesn't bother with the toilet paper – he's too busy licking my skin (ick).
    He does like to grad the bag of napkins from the kitchen cabinet though (if I even leave the door open a crack).

  • Yeah- Kitchen cabinets- I was so excited when we bought this house and it had magnetic locks on the cabinets. I figured Jack wouldn't be able to get into them.

    Boy was I wrong. I came into the kitchen this morning and he was standing INSIDE the cabinet with his head in the trash.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That is hilarious!!!! I love the part "I was in no position to chase him". LOL

  • Cory and Jayden also love napkins…especially Jayden. They haven't opened cabinets yet but Jayden knows how to open the bi-fold pantry door if I don't close it really well. He considers the pantry to be his "Home Shopping Network"!


  • Speaking of kitchen cabinets… We have a lazy suzann type cabinet in the corner. this little bugger has figured out that he can push it to spin it open and then stand on the shelves that is has to climb up on the counter...

  • Our 1 year old steals toilet paper all teh time. She will pull a little off and then start running with it. Once the roll gets going it will spin fast enough that she can keep going. She has gotten 30 plus feet off a few times. Now we either keep the doors shut or the rolls up on the counter.

    From the couch we can see the foyer area that the downstairs bath opens into. Sometimes if we forget we will see her streak by looking toward us knowing htat she is not supposed to do it, but of course loving that she got one over on us. Hopefully she will grow out of it as we would like to use the holders again, but she is pretty funy when she does it.

  • Many times when I'm working around the house on one of those mindless jobs, vaccuuming, dusting, laundry, etc… my mind wanders back to many of you here and the stories that you share.

    About a week ago I was thinking about this thread and amused again by the OP and the whole tp stealing while you're sitting there helpless on the
    'throne'. Needless to say, I shortly thereafter re-read the additional post and had a good laugh.

    I have to admit, I was feeling slightly smug. All those B's stealing, unrolling, and shredding tp. My older 2 were past that age. Praise the puppy Gods:D 😃

    Fast forward to today. Long story short, the DH took the daughter back to college today and I stayed back to take care of the home front. (I felt like a male alpha peeing and marking my territory as I cleaned and reclaimed the bedrooms---plural on bedrooms as the daughter re-packed in her room then moved into the guest bedroom a week ago to sleep because everything was on her bed!!). Lo and behold today, under her bed I found 2 rolls of partially chewed Charmine!!! How they got them and when they got them is still a mystery.

    I'm humbled and send sincere apologies for my "inpure thoughts".:D I promise to never again to be the smug ass#### that thinks my B's are the perfect, wonderful, well behaved senjis ever bred!! (However they ARE laying here on the sofa sleeping and appear to be complete angels)

  • One of Indi's nicknames is Badsenji….mostly because of his wicked sense of humor

    He loves to pull one over on me and this being our first doggie ever (or our adult lives) we have a lot to learn. He has been a very diligent teacher. And I love him all the more for it.

  • 😃 hahahaha I've had those smug "my b would never do that" moments… shortly before I discover her doing whatever "that" is, of course!

  • Thats crazy I thought only my bougles did the t.p. thing ! she loved that stuff prefering the organic to the bleach treated ,go figure!

  • We keep a squirt bottle in the bathroom, as they often decide to run with the tp when you can't chase them.
    It does keep the dogs away…

  • What is a DH?

  • Internet shorthand
    DH=Dear Husband
    DD= Dear Daughter

    Sometimes I've seen the D stand for darned etc too!;)

  • Kayah did that to me when I was in the bathroom last week. I got some pretty funny photos of her shredding away. I had heard that they like to shred toilet paper and yes..it's true.

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