• I don't know how to describe the sound, but chortle is the best word I can think of. Every time Pokey sees me put a new roll of toilet paper on the holder, he tries to paw it and chortles as if in delight. I see his mind scheming to get at it as I shoo him out of the bathroom to close the door on his treasure. I love this so much I have to admit that I switch out the roll just to hear it. Perhaps I should not tease my dog…

  • If Kell were a show dog, he could be baited with toliet paper. Absolutely loves it.

  • Toilet paper and Q-Tips ..oh joy!

  • Houston

    Yes..tp is a huge hit here too..Pippin goes through a roll a day…if the kids forget to close the door..gggrrrr..oh well, at least it is easy to clean up. 🙂

  • Both my bs get soooo excited when I have to go potty!!!!

    They know I will have TP in my hands and they might just sneak a bite!!!

    But, there's no shredding. They both like to eat it!!!!:eek:

  • Ha, ha, ha. TP, paper napkins, paper towels, and any other paper product left close enough to the edge of the counter or table to graze. Every day it looks like a snow storm has blown through.I have to inform you all, Shiba Inu's are first cousins to B's in the paper shredding business.

  • hahaha I too am trying to drill into my friend's mind that when they come over now they MUST close the bathroom door. Also, a few times, someone has taken a napkin and while standing with it in their hand down at their side, Dex has sneaked up and snatched it haha. It's so funny. Like he is thinking "Hey, that's mine. Thanks for reaching it for me."

  • suki, too, loves all the paper products. she also makes a nice junk mail shredder.

  • You should video tape it 🙂 PLEASE

    Yep, paper products, qtips (must dispose of in kitchen trash)…

    You can get the toilet paper dispensers that cover the roll and you have little out, so that helps but so far (thank goodness) mine have not discovered the joy of derolling the tp yet.

  • First Basenji's

    Oh feebeejeebee, that sounds hilarious! I think as basenji owners, we are allowed some secret entertainment delights from time to time. Just remember to be as smarter as possible and don't let on that you really like his reaction….!!!:) 🙂 yes, try to get a video!

  • Watson has not yet discovered the joys of unrolling toilet paper…mostly because his access to the bathroom is limited 😉

    He loves making confetti out of paper and tissue though 😃 Also the empty rolls of paper towels and toilet paper are a coveted item.

  • Here are some "memories" of Shaun and his love of toilet paper…

  • That looks familiar! Cody also LOVES paper towels. We use them as napkins during dinner and if he gets one he prances around the house as if to say "SCORE"! He looks proudest when he has a contraband paper towel in his mouth! He also likes the occasional toilet paper, but really, Bounty paper towels are IT for him!

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