• This is my 3rd deployment to Iraq, and I can't tell you just how much I miss my B's… Of course I miss my family too but they don't baroo and meet me at the door when I walk in. This isn't about them anyway. So all I have is my Yahoo Messenger with the web cam and I watch my B's all the time. Sometimes I look and can see my boy just staring at the screen and I wonder if he can see me too. I call my wife's computer from time to time just to talk to my dogs, is that strange? I'll call them by name and they get excited and run around the house looking for me. I learned my lesson after my 1st deployment, if you've read my post "The Day I Got My Heart Broke", and try to let them hear my voice so I won't be a stranger when I get home.

  • The wonders of technology. Back when I was in the Marines during Vietnam if you could get even of imagined this it would have been like Star Trek. I was thrilled just to make a phone call every once and awhile to my Mother. Anyway there's nothing like actually having those Bs in your lap is there. But a webcam can bring some happiness just to see and communicate.

  • Houston

    Porthos, what a wonderful story..not weird at all, I think this is less weird than not trying to keep contact with your pets while gone..they miss you too, and clearly you miss them lots..
    When do you think you will be able to go home again?
    Bless you and the troops for making our country a safe place to live…

  • @Basenjimamma:

    When do you think you will be able to go home again?
    Bless you and the troops for making our country a safe place to live…

    I should be home sometime in April. and thank you

  • Not strange at all.
    I sometimes think my husband misses the dogs more than me when he is away on deployment as he always asks how they are before asking me when he phones:rolleyes:

  • Not strange at all, they become family too. A big Thanks and safe returns to you and everyone out there doing what you do.

  • The best thing that yahoo did was putting the "BUZZ" button on there. My wife will get up to go do something and that is when our B's will start to get into trouble, I'll watch for a minute, laughing because I know that they know what their doing and they waited till she was gone. I'll hit that "BUZZ" button and they will scatter and my wife will come running and ask, "What were they doing this time?". I think it's real funny watching them steal her coffee, that's the last thing that 3 Basenji's need, CAFFEINE!!! LOL

  • Technology can be pretty wonderful! I am so glad you can enjoy your basenjis from across the sea. I pray you return safe and sound, and thank you for your service.

  • Your super be safe God be with you. Thank you for all you do.

    Rita Jean

  • Thank-you for your service and safe return for you and all with you! Your B's will be very Happy! to see you upon your return as will your family and friends, and us. Just keep keep them in line while your gone….she won't miss the coffee that much...until a little later:D

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