• Where is a camera when you need it? Lillie is a table surfer on my dining room table. She just realized that I have a kitchen table also! The other day, I had a day off from work and after everyone left in my house…I found her on my kitchen table. It's a better view to look out of the sliding doors!

    Today, I totally forgot and left my bottle of water (plastic) on the kitchen table. She jumped on the table, put the bottle in her mouth and ran down my deck stairs to the backyard. There I was trying to chase her with a bottle sticking out of her mouth! I would chase her down the stairs and she would pass me and go up. Boy, she is fast. It was so cute...how do you get angry?

    My question...where is a camera when you need it!


  • It is never where you need it….. easy!!!!

  • I have done this so many times, chase and chase some more. These B's are fast as lightning, it takes me and my hubby to corner Sahara to get anything from her. Sahara will get on my table if I let her, she loves to see what I have put on the table, she is a thief also. Her father's name on his papers was Jessie James, after the bank robber, no wonder she likes to steal. haha!!!!

  • The thing with Lillie is she is so damn cute! So instead of getting upset with her…I have to laugh! I have had dogs all my life and they have all given me so much love and joy (except my last one). However, Lillie is just so cute and funny. I get so much out of her!


  • I just recently busted Zahra on the kitchen table, I guess she is slow or maybe had done it before and I haven't caught her!

  • I caught Sahara on my living room end table near the window this morning. I think she has done this before. She moved as soon as she heard me coming in the room, and then she took off, the little rascal knew she didn't belong on my table. As it is I can't put anything on my tables, end tables, coffee table, nothing or she will knock it off or steal it so I will chase her.

  • Yeah! Of my two little bandits, Daisy is the slickest. She has a way of slinking off and before you know it, she's gotten stuff off a table or desk from another room. (never from the room you're in) She can destroy a pencil in no time. grrrrr!

  • Aw Jodie, I know exactly what you mean! My boys have that dennis th menace personality when they get caught doing something and it is easy for me to keep them in line.

    But my girl basenji, well she snuggled with me so much and had these fantastic bambi eyes…

    and was so cute when she would get into something I found myself just watching silently. She always knew she shouldnt get into stuff, but would do it so rarely I could never get mad at her.

  • Who has the puppy dog eyes??

  • ha ha, mom of the basenji and boyfriend of course!! LOL you got me!

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