• I was on the computer doing work and it was very quiet in my house. I went downstairs and saw what looked like a pool of blood next to Lillie's bed. My heart stopped..then I spotted a plastic bottle of fruit punch Gatorade under my dining room table. Yes, my husband left it on the kitchen table and Lillie jumped up and destroyed this bottle. What a scare…
    Just for everyone's info.-red fruit punch does not go well on beige carpet!

  • Can I be angry with a face like this!!!


  • @Jodie:

    Can I be angry with a face like this!!!

    No way - you can't get mad at her. . . she is too cute and meant no harm. Lillie looks too loveable. Lucky you and her…:)

  • Oh! I just love her markings….that black spoton her "blaze" is so adorable. She is so pretty! How can you be mad at her with a face like that!??

  • That's my problem..I can't get angry when I look at that face of hers!

    A spoton/blaze? Is that dog lingo? I usually say the black diamond on the top of her head.:)


  • Who can really get angry at such sweet babies as our Bs? I know I can't…

  • Sounds like when one of ours got the black sharpie. I had to use several differnt cleaners to get that out of the carpet and the dogs teeth were black for a few days, but at least it was non-toxic.

  • she is so beautiful in that pic….LOL, what a sneaker!

  • I love the spot on her head!

    Really nice dog

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