Poll: Where Does You Basenji Sleep?

  • Kiya is currenly undercover, we were able to convince Chance that his own bed is better. He does sneak back onto the bed towards the morning.

  • so far, i am the only "other"
    Fender sleeps with my son, on his bed. he starts out at the bottom and creeps his way up to the pillow.

  • 3 are sleeping in my bedroom, 2 in my bed (but during the night one goes on the cover)and one in a chair under his blanket.
    2 are in the living room 1 on the human sofa and the other one on the dogs sofa under her blanket.

  • Mine usually go to bed with me, but occasionally one will stay with my husband, who almost always falls asleep on the couch. I really can't sleep unless I am touching at least one basenji, and having all 3 snuggled is better than a sleeping pill!


  • When I first acquired EL D he stayed in a dog bed in the kitchen, which was blocked off until I knew he could be trusted with the rest of the house. The first night I let him into the rest of the house, he beelined to my bed, without an invitation, and has never left :). I know he sleeps there during the day too while I'm at work.

  • Where ever he wants.

  • He used t sleep in his crate until recently we started letting him sleep with us. He will occasionally sleep on the couch until my husband comes to bed.

  • I was making Dallas sleep in his crate but decided to stop that since he is crated during the days as well. He started sleeping in bed with me about 2 weeks ago & it's been great 🙂 Although he of course, in pure basenji fashion, hogs the bed!!!

  • We tried to let him come to bed with us before now, like you Nina, we felt bad because he is crated during the days, but he always wanted to sleep in his crate. We would carry him to bed, lay down with him. Then he would hop up, run into the other room where his crate was and stand inside with just head looking out going "Would you shut the door? I need my beauty sleep!"

    Recently, with all the work we have been doing on the house, that he has been coming with, he is so exhausted by the end of the day that he hasn't cared where he went to sleep, as long as it was soft and warm.

  • Dallas actually did that the first few nights. He would lay on our bed but after about 5 minutes would hop off & go straight into his crate & lay down. It wasn't until one night when his crate was left in the family room that he curled up in bed with me & fell asleep. Now I don't even have the crate set up at night so he has gotten used to sleeping in bed & keeping me warm now that my boyfriend & I split…

  • Under the covers in the crook of my leg but somehow she manages to push me all the way to the side of the bed everynight! As I have said before my back has never been the same since Trixie came to stay!

  • Now that they are all "seniors" in bed under the covers!

  • Cyrus sleeps in bed with us. All our boys actually sleep in bed. Cyrus tunnels under the covers or curls up with Hemi, his best friend. When Oscar touches him in the night, or if I startle him, he lets out this snarky growl. He will even open his mouth and put it on the offender, but he won't bite down.

  • The very first night we had Bitty, she very politely informed us the she was sleeping under the covers in the middle of my back, nothing we said or tried could disuade her so knowing we were beatten we have let her stay.

  • When we had just Cory, we let her sleep in bed with us a couple of times but she would sleep with both legs stuck stiffly out and poking one of us…usually DH.. in the back. Not at all restful. Jayden is more restless at night and suffers from "teeny bladder" and so I don't trust him out of his crate. I know he won't pee in his bedding but I don't trust him to respect MY bedding and/or carpet during the night. So they sleep in what we refer to as "the basenji condo" in our bedroom - 2 stacked crates with comfy bedding. They can hear us and smell us and at bedtime they are waiting at the "condo" to be let in. (I have to keep the crate doors shut during the day because naughty Jayden likes to pull all of Cory's bedding out and that REALLY annoys Cory.....a lot!) DH says it reminds him of one of those Japanese hotels with the tubes for the guests to sleep in.


  • Kaycee sleeps in my bed. When it's really cold and i can't find her she'll ALWAYS be found on my bed spread eagle in front of the heater. Soon i'll have two sleeping with me. The way things are going i'll end up on the sofa.LOL.

  • She thinks my bed is HERS, and her bed is for her toys!

    Isn't this the cutest thing you ever seen!!!! I got up to get ready and she wanted to sleep in…. I didn't put her like this i found her and actually got the camera befor she woke!!!!!

  • He would sleep in his crate and one time we let him in our room and he pee'd on the bed so back to the crate he went. After a week or so we let him rotate between my two daughters. He's happy sleeping with the kids in their beds.

  • In the winter, both Duke and Daisy waste no time tunneling under the covers - Daisy likes to get down furthest by our feet - Duke likes to sleep a little higher up so his nose sticks out of the covers. Now that it's summer, a sheet is all we have on the bed - but Daisy moans and groans until she can get under the sheet - Which I don't like 'cause she's hot and don't desire the extra body heat in the summer.

  • As of Monday, mine don't sleep in their individual crates any more.

    As some of you know, I have been trying to solve the problem of a Basenji with extreme separation anxiety for over a year now. My Basenjis have always had their own plastic crates, and Keoki has had an ex-pen around his so that he could be "free" even while locked up. He had gotten so bad that the ex-pen was being dragged across the room while we were gone, and he'd torn his nose up on a couple of times.

    We'd tried crating him with Jazzy, but he's too big for that now and she hated it.
    I found an ad on Craigslist for a large wire crate for $40.00, and figured as a last ditch effort I would try the wire crate inside the ex-pen and at least he would not be able to eat any more of the crate. {I hadn't tried a wire crate just yet as I'd already sunk a few hundred dollars into the ex-pens and plastic crates and Dh was not into spending more to possibly not solve the problem. But $40.00 seemed reasonable to me 🙂 it's like half-price!}

    Well, the "crate" turned out to be very large, and both Basenjis love it!
    As soon as we put it together, Keoki went in and wouldn't let Jazzy in. She kept trying to get in, and he'd sit at the gate and slap her head with his paw. LOL

    So, we put BOTH dogs' beds in the wire crate, and they've been happily sleeping in it all week. When we left them alone the other day – this is when Keoki always totally wigs out -- we came home to happy pups and even the paper towels we'd left inside the crate were still intact.

    So, this is their new digs; they love it. There's ample room for both their snuggly beds and still room left over to stand or play. No one is cramped. It's great. And the best part is, Keoki doesn't seem to mind too badly being left home in it.

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