How do your dogs try and wake you up?

  • This is how Reggie and Tiggy try to wake up my dh LOL

    Daddy you in there??

    HEY don't push me away

    He won't wake up momma

    Hmmm…..lets try this to get Daddy up

    Okay Tiggy you try

    Hmmm, that's not working Tig, how about I lay across him and you eat his hand

  • Those photos are just precious!

  • Those pictures are adorable and classic! Stormie just paws at my head until I'm forced to get up….his aim is "stellar" - I always wind up getting poked in the eye at least once! 🙂

  • That's adorable.
    Charlie is, unfortunately, a morning dog, and likes to get up between 7 and 9. I perfer to wake up around 10, like a typical college student. Charlie will usually walk really close to me, so the bed shakes, then sit on the bottom corner on my bed or go to the door and cry until I get up to let him out.

  • Great photos! LOL!

    Zahra is not a morning dog at all, I have to drag her out of bed thankfully!

  • When my kids were young they were morning dogs… and since I leave for work at 5/6 am... they got up with me... now that they are "elders" I leave for work, they stay in bed.... especially in the winter....

  • The only dog I've had who got up earlier than me (all my Bs have always stayed in bed when I get up in the a.m.) was Pepper (my german shepherd mix). She always carried around her stuffed bear or a tennis ball. In the a.m., she would get up, get her ball, and plop it on the bed and nudge it so that it would roll into my face. If I didn't get up, she'd grab the ball and plop it on the bed again and again…..

  • I'm sure DH just loved that wake up!:D

    Our's wake up at 5.30am everyday…...sometimes they go back to bed after they go out......sometimes they don't.
    They 're all very good at waking us if they have an emergency....just rake that paw across the arm till someone get's up.

  • What great photos!! Thanks for sharing them. I sometimes send Hollie in to wake her daddy too. She doesn't get in trouble like I would if I woke him on his day off!!! Guess those B faces are too cute to be mad at, huh???

  • She-Ra tends to stay in bed as long as me or the wife are in there with her. When we're up and at-em, so is she, although usually she likes her morning rubdown while daddy decides whether or not he wants to get out of bed. 🙂

  • Savannah stays in bed until i drag her little butt out.

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