• So, we are a Catholic family and as such every night we sit together in the living room and say prayers, most of which are the old standard prayers that are said aloud together.
    Keoki is usually sleeping in his little chair when we start, although sometimes he is up. No matter where he is or what he is doing, every time– EVERY time -- we start to pray aloud, he jumps up and runs! over to the base of the stairs and starts going nuts, the way he does when he sees or hears the cats up there.

    At first, we thought it was coincidental and the cats must be at the top of the stairs {they like to peek through the railings at him, and watch him go nuts},then we began to notice that the cats are no where near the stairs.

    It's like us making the Sign of the Cross is a trigger for him to go look for the cats. 😕 , and he'll run back and forth from the living room to the stairs until we finish -then he's usually so keyed up we put him outside where he runs and runs like a fool for a few minutes.

    We've tried putting him out before we start, but then he's jumping at and scratching at the sliding glass door to get back in the whole time.

    Hard to get kids to focus on prayer when they're all trying very hard to NOT crack up! 😃 {Okay, it cracks up the grown-ups, too}.

  • too funny 😃

  • Hahaha. Keoki seems like such a character!

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