Brocolli Dog

So we were eating dinner at my parents house when Goober jumps up on the table and steals food off my plate. He skipped the london broil and the OMAHA STEAKS BRAND CHICKEN and goes straight for the brocolli.

Wow! Lillie would've stolen the meat before the broccoli. As a matter of fact, the only green vegetables that she likes are string beans and peas. I wonder if those vegetables were on the plate with the meat…would she still have gone for the meat? Probably so. Funny, aren't they!

All mine love veggies… however they sure would have taken the meat first...ggg

All three of my dogs – Gypsy the non-B included -- LOVE brocolli.
They all hang around kitchen, getting underfoot, when they smell it in the steamer.
They also love green beans, raw snow peas, steamed asparagas, and Keoki goes nuts for raw carrots.

I'm not sure they would have gone for the meat first, but probably...

Brocolli's a favorite and so is mango. Oh and so is cat feces. Sorry, did I spoil your lunch.

Exactly… cat poop.... top of every Basenji's list!!!

I think cat poop is tops on every dog's list. ew ew ew.

Goose poop from across the street.

That's right I forgot about goose poop. Also flattened dead dried out birds. Mine also would eat dirt and tan bark. "What the hell was I missing in their diet" I'd ask myself. (-:

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