Basenji alone in large pen in garage?

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I hope to hear actual experience rather that theories or opinions.

Other than the last reply above, you aren't likely to get many people who have experience with this because most Basenji owners would not leave their dog in the garage. In theory you might think it is kinder, but Basenjis like to see out, they like to be warm, and they like to be part of the household. You might want to experiment with a "dog proof" room in the house, somewhere that is light and preferably where your dog can see out. Alternately you might consider doggie daycare or a dog walker to help you out.

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He like to chew and destroy things inside (couch, coffee table, etc) so we don't trust him inside alone.

This is a clear indication that your dog is: a) not getting enough exercise, and b) possibly suffering from separation anxiety. Address those issues and you won't need to spend $400+ to confine your dog.

What are you currently doing when you have to leave your dog?

I had 2 female basenjis that had to be separated - ALWAYS.
One was easy, but in my mind I had to be fair and give each equal time not in the dog room (a sunroom on most house plans).
On nice days, the troublemaker could be left outside if we knew we'd be home in a few hours. In our case, the garage was not an option. it was dark, no windows in the area where we would have her, and it was just so not welcoming to any beast to be in. I would never put a toddler in there, so certainly not my basenji. She was meant to be with her people, or other dogs.
Our next idea was a pen we made in the dog room. It was 4' x 4', but before we left her in that, she showed us she could climb out of it! It was 4 ' high. So, we put a lid on it - 2 ex pens. The first night we let her scream. She went to each space on the side panels and bit them together - every one! Then, she did it so much, the next day I had to take her to the vet. She had worn down every tooth in her mouth, except 3, that he had to pull them out - all but 3! We couldn't leave her loose in the dog room because , unless she had access to her people, she was destructive.

To be honest, I can't remember exactly what we did. I think it was a bit more time with us than the other girl - who didn't seem to mind that much and was rather embarrassed for the breed because of the way the other acted.

The trouble maker was so much work, but I really cried when she was put down, at 17. I think she had a bit of OCD and other psychological problems - seriously, I do think that. I know no one would have given her the accommodating life we gave her.

lesson - be able to go to plan B, C, D ,E, because these beautiful creatures will test to see how creative you are!

I told people, when I placed a puppy with them, I don't place puppies with dumb people, you have to be able to admit that idea won't work, let's try plan B

(the trouble maker girl was crate trained until she was 2, and then NO WAY)

I wish you luck, and I suppose if it's only 2 times a week, it MIGHT be okay. You'll have to watch for any effect of not being able to see people at all for 8 hrs, will have.

Don't do it. Far too long for a Basenji to be left alone. Why can't you leave him in the house ? Set aside a room for him and make it a desirable place to be. But these are not kennel or crate dogs, they need to be with people in a home environment. Not locked in a garage.

I’m thinking not the best set up @ minimum a radio, tv, window, a walk.

Please do not confine a Basenji to a pen in the garage. This would cause high anxiety. It would be like you being locked in a room in a basement alone. I have to leave my two alone for times when I am at work and I would never even do this with just one as they have the company of each other. They have a separate hallway area in my house which is blocked off by gates on each end so they can see and hear everything in the house. If you cannot have a Basenji feel a part of your home you should not have one. These dogs are pack animals and need to be with their people.

I should also add my Basenjis have access to a 80 X 100 foot yard with a chain link fence. But I never leave them out when I am gone in case of severe weather.

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I should also add my Basenjis have access to a 80 X 100 foot yard with a chain link fence. But I never leave them out when I am gone in case of severe weather.

Be aware that some Basenjis see chain link as a ladder. Maybe yours do not, but one of mine could go up a six foot chain link fence in no time at all! Board is safer, with the support cross planks on the outside, not the inside. The buggers do like to climb!

@eeeefarm if it is loosely strung so the dogs don't feel confident in climbing it, even 3 or 4 feet high chain link will keep them out. Or in, as the case may be.

After marauding hordes of Basenjis attacked my vegetable garden, creating havoc and eating veggies planted for the human family, I put 3 foot of loosely strung chain link and five gates which I picked up cheap as they had been made to wrong measurements. I didn't care what they looked like or what size they were as long as I could get in to harvest the crops and the Basenjis couldn't.

The dogs have tried to get in over the years, but none has braved the swaying fencing

Not taking sides since I have no experience in this matter; just pointing out: @jholsing mentioned... he has a basenji MIX.
His dog may be more tolerant of the suggested set up?
However, 8 hours is quite a long time to leave any dog alone.

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