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We are considering putting a large chain link pen in our garage as a place for our 16-month-old basenji mix (3.9'W x 7.9'L x6'H with attached dog house).

Does anyone else have experience with this type of accommodations for leaving a young basenji alone during the day?

  1. We live out in the country with far too many wild animals roaming around to leave him alone outside (deer, coyotes, even bears, etc, let alone simple squirrels and the neighbors' dog and goats). Plus, he could probably jump or dig under our 5.5' perimeter fence.

  2. He like to chew and destroy things inside (couch, coffee table, etc) so we don't trust him inside alone.

  3. A small "crate" just seems too small and restrictive.

So, we are considering buying a large pen to put in one of the parking spaces in our garage:
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What experience do people have with a young, single, neutered, basenji mix in a large pen in a garage alone for 8 hours (for us, this would be two days a week). When we get home, we take him into our large backyard for vigorous running and play.

I hope to hear actual experience rather that theories or opinions.

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