No longer eating

Hello All,
I am sad to share that our Moe passed away just after midnight on the 21st. We were able to feed him grilled lamb chops for a few days but he was just getting weaker. Sunday he did not eat and could hardly stand on his own with out stumbling. I was holding him when he passed, so glad to have shared that last moment with him. Once I get the biopsy reports from the specialist, I'll be sure to come back here and share it the hopes that it may help someone in the future.

@ttobler I am so very sorry - but you can rest easy that you did all you could and you gave him a good life, better than that enjoyed by many Basenjis. All mine, bar one - the last, Hoover - have died in my arms. Its the last chance we get to show these incredible creatures we love them.

Bless you for getting a biopsy which may help others in the same boat.

@zande I appreciate the kind words. He was a rescue, so know we gave him better home and he did have a good life, its just never long enough. And you are correct, it I am glad we spent his last moments together and I was able to comfort him one last time. Sorry to hear about losing yours..

@ttobler I’m so sorry. My heart goes out to you and your family. Moe had such a tough bunch of weeks. To me, you’re a super hero for staying by his side till the very end. I can tell you wouldn’t have done it any other way. Still... not everyone does. I hope your hearts heal. 🌹

@ttobler His fight is over and his pain is gone. I can only imagine how hard this must be. If you think it would help you to process your loss, share his life's bright moments with us. You are in my thoughts.

So sorry for you loss, he can run free without pain...Godspeed... and remember you will always carry his soul in your heart. Hugs

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Please take comfort in knowing that you did everything possible for Moe. Allow the happy memories to sooth your grief and mourning. So sorry for your loss.🐾❤
(So sad 😢 - we’ve lost too many basenjis from this forum in the past few days.)

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Very sorry to hear this. May your memories sustain you through the difficult times. Know that many people on this forum are hurting in sympathy with you. Every loss brings back my own.

May your grief and sadness melt with time, and may the good memories bring you comfort. 🌈

Did the lab results show anything?

@JENGOSMonkey, @elbrant, @tanza, @Kembe, @eeeefarm, @helle-devi Thank you all for the kind words, it has not been easy but this does help. We actually got his ashes back today and the place did a fantastic job, came back with ceramic paw print and all. It will last bring final closure, he is home.

@helle-devi results confirmed what was suspected, IBD, for which we had already started his medications. I think it was just his time.

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