• My boy cody has not eaten anything or drank any water in almost 24 hours. Vomiting yellow/green bile, and stomach cramps. I took him to the emergency vet. They did x-rays and there was no blockages, no temperture. Still don't why he his GI is upset. vet gave him sub cut fluids and anti-nausa medicine. Has anyone had this happen before? I don't want a repeat 😕

  • When they did the x-ray, did they do a barium swallow for contrast?

  • From past issues with my previous Basenji When the vet does a Xray i also request a ultrasound because an ultra sound will show more then an xray on certain things

  • Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. 😞
    I have no experience of this but I do hope Cody gets better soon. Poor boy.

  • Sorry to hear about Cody, keep us posted as to how he is doing.

  • Good suggestions for the ultra sound and barium swallow. He was still vomiting a little this morning but seem interested in drinking water. Although not keeping it down. 😞 I have a call in to my regular vet. My concern is the emergency vet may not be familiar with basenji specific issues. I am afraid he has eaten something that is toxic to his system. The medvet didn't draw blood, but I am going to request that from my regular vet to make sure all of organs are functioning. I just had him at the vet on June 26 for all of his yearly vaccinations and yearly checkup and he was fine then.

  • Houston

    GenJmar, how old is he? I'm asking since my older Westie did that for a day and a half, and by the time I took hinm to the vet his liver and kidneys were shuting down..he was 12+ yrs though. Is he only vomiting or has he had diarrhea as well? By no he probably don't have very much in his system to get rid of though. I would definitely get him to a vet here pretty soon, since dhydration goes fast in a smal dogbody. Please keep us posted as to how he is doing. Best of wishes for him and you.

  • Please let us know what your regular vet finds.
    I will keep your b in my prayers.

  • well, my B started vomiting everything… and was just weak in general, she had no blockages after a x ray and a barium swallow. turned out she was septic and had to be put on a massive amount of anti biotics. Make sure you run a full blood panel and check the white blood cell count!

  • My first Basenji got deathly ill in 1977 on a camping trip eating old rotten food off the ground. Throwing up, blood coming out of the anus, extremely dehydrated, etc. It was the bacteria. It had to stay the weekend at the town vet. Came out of it fine.

  • Please keep us posted…((Hugs)) to you and I'm keeping him in my thoughts and prayers...

  • Cody is 7 1/2 and until now very healthy. Since he was given fluids last night I think that should hold him until I get him into the regular vet today. No diarrhea, he did poop a little in the parking lot of the medvet, and it had something red in it (it was dark out so I couldn't see it well), and pee'd a little. I just don't think he has anything in his system to come out. Once I get home this afternoon from work to evaluate him and see if he has perk'd up any. The regular vet is on stand by (an luckly is open late tonight)

  • Ok just spoke to the Vet again. They just got the records from the emergency vet. Definately brining Cody in this afternoon b/c he is still vomiting and the medication given to him should have stopped that. Thanks everyone for the suggestions and support. I will update when I get back from the vet.

  • Houston

    Bless his heart. I will keep the two of in my thoughts today…I hope he is Ok and that he makes a quick come back.

  • Bloodwork will show how his organs are doing which can also give the vet an idea where to look with the ultrasound. X-rays are not very good at seeing soft things that dogs may have eaten and are causing blockages without the barium.

    Good luck at the vet today, keep us posted.

  • Update on Cody. Took him to the vet yesterday afternoon. After an ultrasound and a battery of test. My vet confirmed no blockages and the blood work came back normal. All his is organs are functioning. She (vet) believes he ate something rotten (food, animal?) and has gastroenteritis. Which as my vet said is basically doggie food poisoning. Her main concern that he wouldn't stop vomiting. So she gave him a shot of Pepcid, and a powerful anit-nausea shot. I came home with powerful antibodics, pro-boticis(same stuff as in activia yogert) more anti nausea meds, a case of can dog food formulated for dogs that have gastroenteritis, and instructions to buy Pepcid AC to give him.

    He did eat about teaspoon of the can food this morning. Vet says to go very slow b/c he hasn't had food in his stomach for so long we don't want to shock his system. My husband is home most of the day today so he will feeding him very small portions throughout the day.

    Now to figure out how to pay the hefty credit card bill for all the vet/meds etc. 🙂

  • Again thanks to all for your support and suggestions. I really appreciated being able to post and reading your responses.

  • Houston

    I am glad you had all this test done to rule out something more severe, having Gastrenteritis is bad enough. Hopefully Cody will be on the mend sooner than you can say yeah..
    My Otis has some diarrhea awhile back and it kept having it for over a week and half He ended up losing almost 2 lbs in three days…..finally after $$ of tests he was diagnosed with the same thing sort of. Antibiotics, probiotics and a wormer (why?) made him much better within 24 hours and almost back to normal in 48.
    Keep us updated, and know that y'all are in our thoughts. It is tough to see you pet ill and not know how to make it better..

  • @GenJMar:

    Again thanks to all for your support and suggestions. I really appreciated being able to post and reading your responses.

    I'm glad it was nothing extremely serious. At least this is something that you can treat and his immune system will fight it off. I know the cost can always be frustrating, but for some reason we don't seem to blink when paying the bill. At least I don't, you know it's necessary.

  • Hope Cody is feeling much better soon, poor boy.

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