Eating rabbit droppings

Now that the snow is gone, Gossy has been finding and eating some of the rabbit droppings in my yard. Enough so it shows up significantly when I took a poop sample to the vet. I've tried disposing of the large piles of droppings but there are lots of single ones that I miss but she finds. I know there is stuff you can put in their food to keep them from eating their own poop but that's not the problem here. Any suggestions?

I doubt that you will find anything to stop that… I never have... only it was "goose" poop

And I never saw or heard anyone that said the stuff you can put on their food will stop them from eating their own poop ever worked.... Knock on wood, I don't have any of them, except when on of my bitches had puppies.

I am affraid it is ustopable…my Mody use to eat droppings of chinchillas of my flatmate...she is absolutly happy, when she runs to her room and steal some droppingt...horrible, really can?t stop her doing this.....:mad:

Yes, mine love chinchilla poop too! lol

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