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So I'm not sure if I am overthinking this or if it is actually an issue. I have a 10-month female basenji and from the day we got her the breeder mentioned that she has a very healthy love for food when all her brothers and sisters were grazers, we didn't mind as we knew it would make her food motivated for training. He was going to keep her and decided not too and I wonder if this may have something to do with it. I thought about reaching out to him but figured I would see what everyone here has to say first.

So Leeloo is obsessed with food it turns out. We have been very good with not giving her any of our food and any human food we give her we make sure it is not from the table or the kitchen and it goes in her own bowl. She was overweight when we picked her up from the breeder because she would eat all her siblings food I'm sure, as we witnessed it the day of. We got her down to a healthy weight and we have kept her there ever since. We give her kibble in the morning so that we can use it for games to get her brain worked and then a healthy balanced Raw diet in the evening (all recommendations by the breeder). As well as pure protein training treats and dental treats during the day. With all this being said our biggest issue with her is that she is ALWAYS scavenging, if she is not sleeping she's looking for things to eat, and when she finds something she doesnt even stop to smell first, she consumes it in a blink of an eye, especially if its geese poop. I understand them as a breed in the wild are scavengers, but she isn't a wild dog and we definitely give her enough food. She started getting aggressive with other dogs (not us) when food is around, so we always have to remove food from the situation. If we are at a dog park or taking her for a walk the first thing she does is jump at people when she knows they have treats, but does not care for our treats because she knows we make her sit and wait first.

We are temporarily living with another dog, they get along very well but every morning and during the day she tries to lick his food bowl even when it's empty, so we started removing it as we do with hers. She just seems overly desperate for food allll the time and I know for a fact that she would eat until it killed her. As soon as she has dinner she is off looking for more food.

We also give her monthly de-worming tabs, so I'm sure it's not that.

I'm hoping it's just a puppy thing, but it's getting a point where my partner and I are getting concerned. Any help is great even if it's just letting me know that this is normal for some B's.


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@imbj I did notice the higher she was the more "comfortable" she got, so possibly having her up high in a crate may work.

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@eeeefarm No, the only thing I can think of in this case would be, maybe she picks up on my nerves that I have for Leeloo being nervous or peeing in her bed. We use a pee pad, but maybe if I'm more relaxed she will naturally be more relaxed as well. Maybe a case of feeding off each other's energy. I in particular try and drive very slow with her, so she isn't too overwhelmed with the movement. My previous dog loved car rides so this is definitely a new thing for me to try and get through.

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Hello Everyone, I'm not sure if this is behaviour issues, does anyone have issues with taking their B's in the car with them?

Our girl is 6 months now, she struggles in vehicles, she always seems really nervous about being inside one and is never excited to get in. We do a lot of driving with her, as we take her to work every day, the dog park, beaches, mountains and whatever adventures we go on (and loves all of it). If she is really tired after a big day she falls asleep right away and no issue. But if not then she seems really uncomfortable the whole time and often pees too, while sitting or lying in her bed. We will make an effort to make sure she pees right before she gets in the car, this helps, but sometimes another small one will appear.

I'm hoping that by doing it more and more she becomes used to it and sees it as an exciting thing, rather than something to fear. We have tried in a kennel, on the back seat, bed, no bed, and so far the most comfortable she seems to be in all seats folded flat with her bed.

Any recommendations will help.
Thank you!

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Our 6 month female does kind of the same thing, she won't cry out so much but will freak out and randomly bite her thigh on her back leg. No ball-like mass or anything (maybe I should do a more detailed check). I thought maybe something on her skin that we can't see.

It is interesting that it is happening to both dogs, I would go to another vet for a different opinion.

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Hello everyone, Thanks for the welcomes! 0_1603748777595_DSC_0589.jpg

This was Leeloo when we got her around 3 months if memory serves me correct. Shes 5 months now and I have only heard her yodel once when she was in her crate!

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Thanks everyone for the responses, I think hair definitely plays a factor in this. But maybe worth mentioning to the vet anyway for those odd ones that did not have hair in it. Good to know other people have the same issue with hair, not sure how I would manage that, maybe worth vacuuming more often so she doesn't eat it.

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Hello Everyone.

I have read a few posts of people having issues with their B's being picky about how where and when their pup's poop. But Leeloo (who's 5 months old now) tends to get scared at her poop and it becomes a massive issue because she will whip around and spin and then sometimes even end up rolling around in it. Which means many baths after walks. Today for example she finally decided to poop after 20 minutes of walking and as she started a bird flew by and chirped so she got distracted but freaked out partially at the bird and then partially at her butt, then sprinted to a whole new patch of grass but tried running onto the road. When I didn't let her, she sprinted back and forth until FINALLY started pooping again, freaked out at that poop, and so on... this was about a 10-minute ordeal. So usually, when she poops, I have to immediately grab onto her harness so she doesn't freak out and step or roll in her poop, while she tries to bite her butt. I thought it might be pain but her poops are really healthy, so she's not constipated at all. She has a pretty healthy pooping schedule, twice a day.

Does anyone else have this issue, and maybe have some advice? Please tell me she will grow out of this 😞

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So excited to have found this forum to help with all B concerns! My little baby is 5 months now and her name is Leeloo 🙂 So I have a feeling I will be quite active on here!

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