• Hi all! I just recently got a puppy from some people who had to give it up because their living situation wouldn’t let them keep it. They told us he’s a lab mix but didn’t know the other part. The thing that makes me think possible basenji mix is he has a curved tail with a very short coat (not an ounce of fluff on him so I don’t think he’s one of the fluffier curvy rail breeds because every one I’ve had at least has some extra tail fur). He’s also quite small and extremely high spirited, loving, intelligent to the point of independent thinking sometimes, and quite the mischevious lil pup. His paws aren’t too big which makes me think he won’t get much bigger too. He’s also got the very lean and regal body lines of a basenji. I’m just asking so I know exactly what I’m getting into since I know basenjis have special requirements and I want to make sure I meet this puppies needs instead of just training it and providing it with the usual lab mix resources. Let me know if the pictures uploaded right! Thank you all for the help!!

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  • Definitely has some of the makings of a Basenji mix. His small size is also an indication of a possible Basenji mix.

  • You can guess and guess all day, and even have the "professionals" chime in, but unless you do a DNA test, you'll never really know.

  • Whatever he is - he’s adorable! ❤🐾

  • Where is he from? The states that have an abundance of backyard & unscrupulous breeders tend to produce mixes.

  • @senjisilly got him in Colorado, don’t know if he was from somewhere else before

  • @giza1 that’s fair. I never heard of a basenji until the vet mentioned he looked a little bit like one. I just wanted to see if people who knew the breed better had any ideas especially since some DNA tests have been unreliable on past dogs I’ve owned. Thank you for the tip though, you’re definitely right!!

  • He is adorable. Like giza1 said, you can guess all day, professionals also; but you truly won't know until you do a DNA test. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy him. He looks like he's going to be a whole lot of fun and if he does have "some" basenji in that mix...............you are in for a time of your life!!! Enjoy.

  • @moo98 A lot of shelter dogs are being shipped all over the country right now due to low availability in some areas. Lots of Texas rescues are being shipped to northern states due to empty shelters and rescues. Your cutie could be from anywhere if they didn't give you much history on him.

  • @senjisilly Thanks for the info! Yeah, I received no history on him other than he’s 13 weeks and a lab mix.

  • @moo98 - Very cute, hope you enjoy him.... I would not say Basenji... as the look could relate to many different breed of dogs...

  • He is adorable! Personally I don't see Basenji in him but if you are really curious, do a DNA test. 13 weeks is very young to tell how big he will get ! You will know more in a few month's time and may well be very surprised.

    He's a lucky boy to have found his forever home with you.

  • I have a black and white basenji and I do see some resemblance to my dog. I do agree you will likely not be able to know for sure without testing. I have only had 4 other dogs prior to this one so this might not be only specific to the basenji.....I have a growler...so as a puppy if she was sleeping on the sofa next to me and I accidently bumped her she would growl. If I offer her a treat for a behavior change she will look at me as if to say she is thinking about whether the treat is worth her complying. Too smart for her own good somedays. Enjoy ! I like the look. I am a big believer in mixed breeds for moderation in temperament and quirks.

  • @chrisf said in Is he a basenji mix?:

    I have a growler...so as a puppy if she was sleeping on the sofa next to me and I accidently bumped her she would growl.

    Entirely normal for a Basenji. They don't like to be bothered when they are comfortable. Growling or snarking is a likely result.

  • I don't know if he is part Basenji or not...but he sure is beautiful. I hope you and your new friend have lots of happy healthy years together....and LOADS of fun!!!

  • He is a cutie. Looks like he is getting lots of love and he will return it. Glad you have him.

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