• Proud new Basenji owner! Max is 5 months old. He was born in Minnesota then raised for a few months in Southern Wisconsin.

    I have to say the first week has been pretty great. I read a bunch of horror stories and had prepared myself for that but he’s already potty trained, only destroys toys, and knows what NO means (deciding to follow it is another story). He also accepts the crate with minimal whining. We are still perfecting walking on lead but a lot of the issue has to do with his age. He’s even made friends with the Roomba but was pretty irritated when it sucked up one of his treats.

    4_1590626886808_54FD3362-BF45-49D4-AFC5-320019B3B5CB.jpeg 3_1590626886808_11CB7DE4-5762-45EE-8935-8CC042B9F769.jpeg 2_1590626886808_E351FFBC-28F8-4D67-B22E-D263E882C525.jpeg 1_1590626886808_5F802270-6D6C-4831-863F-B930EA1E91FD.jpeg 0_1590626886808_EBADAD07-6575-4981-8CC8-67018E636148.jpeg

  • He looks like a real sweetheart. Enjoy him!

  • @mnbadger said in Max the Basenji:

    but was pretty irritated when it sucked up one of his treats.

    LMAO, that was excellent!

    Congrats, he's adorable and clearly smitten with his new 'Dad'. 🙂

  • Max is adorable! Congratulations and Welcome to the Forum!🐾🐕

  • Welcome and very cute... many of our Basenjis are related to our Basenjis, care to share the pedigree and breeder? And hopefully you have checked out health testing on www.ofa.org for DNA testing for Fanconi and PRA?

  • @tanza he was born in Minnesota at Sally Wuornos place then transferred to Laura Mae Hesse in Wisconsin where he was raised for a few months and observed for potential show. Unfortunately he’s got a slight underbite so his brother got that spot.


  • He is a keeper....

  • @mnbadger i know Max I think...lol a sweetie for sure.

  • These beautiful pictures make me want to have another basenji. I've had three, all lived to be 15+ years old: two tricolors and a b/w. All wonderful companions. Congratulations to you!

  • Max looks like a real sweetheart. I hope you and your new best friend have many, many years of adventures together.

  • Sal and Laura - lovely people who responsibly breed and rear super Basenjis - your adorable Max being one of them. Very good choice !

    But on the trial pedigree, copy-pasted from my database website, there are not many photos - PLEASE email me a photo of Max and see if you can get Laura to send one of Dad too ? Or I will email her, once I get a pic of Max to include - with his registered name. I do need that too so the program knows which picture is which dog !

    You can visit the on-line pedigree website from my signature block and will find my email address there.

  • He is a very pretty pup. Love the pic of you two together.

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