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    I just adopt a puppy, and have him vaccinated for the first time. My vet told me the puppy is a mix. When i bumped into a picture online, i saw that my puppy possibly a mix basenji.
    I don't know for sure how old is he right now. Rough guess he's probably 12 weeks. Right now his weight is 10 lbs.

    He barks but not often, he's a whinny, spoiled little boy and a stubborn one.

    Is he a mix basenji ? and can somebody predict how old is he ?
    0_1479229336522_image1.JPG ![alt text]

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  • Good gosh, he's awfully cute! At 12 weeks I think 10 lbs is a bit small for a purebred, but his age is just a guesstimate anyway. He could have some Basenji in him; what kinds of noises does he make, does he like water (ie: being wet)?

  • @wildhania Awww ~ he's such a sweet & innocent puppy! I agree with giza 1 about his cuteness! But I'm glad he's your puppy as, I don't do puppies, they always want to chew on my toes! So, I prefer the older ones. But I still love looking at Basenji puppies & all the older ones too! He is adorable but when you get him up to your chest to love on him, I bet he finds your nose & thinks it was put on your face just for him to gnaw on!!

  • @giza1 .. I think he doesn't enjoy water that much. Especially when it's rain. His sounds more like whimpering to me. He doesn't like being sleep alone. If it does happen, well my living room is a mess.

    @Nancy-Berry I agree with you .. puppy means a lot things to do.. Since I already have a cat, we choose to adopt puppy. It will be easier for cat and dog to get along if one of it is a kiddo. He is growing taller since the photo i took above. And he jumped high for a puppy in my opinion.

  • @wildhania Looks more like a Corgi mix than Basenji... but very cute. How old did the Vet say he was? They can tell by the teeth on a puppy, at 12 weeks would still have all of his puppy teeth (otherwise called razor blades)

  • I see corgi too. And maybe a little chihuahua in the mix? No matter what he is, you have a super cute puppy! I love him!

  • My daughter guessed corgi mix too, but the legs look normal length and dwarfed legs is dominant. So if corgi mix, has to be 2 generations back. Whatever it is, that is one cute bundle of happiness. 🙂

  • @tanza well on the DOB vaccine certificate, she actually write August 2016.

    Thank you @annlorimer .. Yes he is super cute.. The vet actually said he probably will be a medium size.

    @DebraDownSouth .. He grows taller right now .. And jumps higher.. I actually have another picture of him, his other brother/sister and possibly his parent. his probably mother is actually large size. The owner didn't want the puppy and post it online offering adoption. And sent him away to my home. Well he actually said that the mother/father is a mix rottweiler and husky. My vet said it probably mix with husky.

    ![alt text](0_1479465023601_IMG_1072.jpg image url)

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