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Does anyone else here that's on Facebook use Dogbook? It's a Facebook application that allows you to create profiles for your dogs, find them friends, tag them in pictures, it's GREAT!

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Right. So my pups aren't old enough to have proper bowel control, and whilst they're learning where it's good to potty verses where it's bad, breaking their surface preference for carpets is proving tricky. Because of this, my room carpet is looking pretty disgusting at the moment. The veranda outside is looking pretty shocking too, and it doesn't smell fantastic, everytime I mop the tiles it lasts for five minutes before the pups muck it up again:/ Bearing in mind that I'm in South Africa and we don't always have access to the REALLY fancy (and pricey) pet-specific carpet cleaning products, what's the best way of dealing with this? The reason I ask is that my roommate is freaking out in a big way, starting to make "the dogs or me" claims because of the "filth" that I live in. Pfffft.

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Thanks for the prompt advice! I gave my mom a set of keys to get in, she's a school teacher and can come some afternoons to spend some time with them so they don't get bored or lonely or bond only with each other. Still, doggy day-care isn't exactly something common in South Africa, but I will look out for it. I know they're young, I don't expect results yet, I just wanted to know if what I was doing was correct, inasmuch as it can be:) Thanks!

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Hi all,

I'm really struggling with potty training my two boys. I've only been at it for a week, but I don't think I'm doing it correctly. If the accident is a fait accompli, as it were, I can't scold them or shove their nose in it, as I'm never sure which one actually did it. I take them out as often as I can, but at almost 11 weeks they have little bowel control. If I do catch them in the act, which is a rarity, I say a stern "no" and take them outside. The problem is that they never FINISH their business outside. They just sorta stand there, sniff around a bit, and then go back inside. Invariably the business gets finished half-an-hour later when I'm not concentrating! During the day whilst I'm at work (say, 8-4) they're locked outside in the garden, so they're ok then. I also take them out as often as I can, before they sleep, after eating, etc. etc. Because they're outside during the day, I don't want to do crate training. And the thought of spending R1000 (about $150 US) on two crates is not going down well at the moment. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Oh, the other big problem is that they'd rather do their business on the tiles on the patio then on the grass in the garden. Even when they're outside during the day, I come home to puppy accidents on the tiles, and the grass is spotless. Help!


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Just ordered my copy - it should arrive in 10-15 days (here's hoping) or sooner:)

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Hi All,

I got my puppies a little while ago, they are now just over 10 weeks old! I'll be updating my online picture gallery as regularly as I take pics:

Feel free to take a look:) For those that don't want to leave the forum to view the pics, here are a select few:


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