Very cute.... care to share the pedigree? Many of us are related by our Basenjis

Her name suits her - she looks like an ANGEL! She has a very Angelic face!😇

She may look like an Angel but we know .... Super cute.

Did you name her right? You might find that "Devil" might be closer- she has that look about her that treats would not dare to embrace.

Tris are 'special' - AND they know it ! Please share the pedigree so it can be added to the database - along with a photo ?

And that goes for anyone with a new puppy ! Most breeders do provide me with litter details, but some pets slip through the net and render the world-wide history of the breed less complete.

Beautiful...………..love those Basenji ears!!!

SHe looks just like her name!!! XOXOXO

My Angel has been through a rough time. I work Monday through Thursday so she has to be crated. But my daughter lets her out and I come home at noon. But the worst part is two weeks ago my son in law was in bad ATV accident and is on life support so I’ve had to leave Angel even more. She really is a good little girl and I was just afraid it might make her act worse. She doesn’t want me out of her sight . I love her so much and we are doing the best we can. She found out this week she can jump up on the back of the couch and she thinks she’s so smart. And I tell her she is😃

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