• Pics from today! 🙂

    "give me that treat!!"

    Contact training

    he enjoys the table actually 🙂


    Cosmo and his Mother Zina


  • Just LOVE these pictures - all of the b's look so proud when they are stacked. I swear, of all dogs, it looks like basenjis KNOW when they are on display, and love it!

  • Very nice. Thank you for sharing.

  • Cosmo is stunning, looks like he is enjoying strutting around. Thanks for sharing.

  • Cosmo is very handsome! Great pics! It must be nice to have more b's in your class 🙂

    About the leash in your mouth when you stack Cosmo on the table 😉 Maybe you can hang the leash around your neck.. It looks better I think and you can still talk 😉

  • Thanks:D

    Yeah the leash.. It's to shoort to hang arund the neck 😞 But we are going to buy a better one before the Basenjispecial 🙂

  • I love the second picture!!!
    and indeed do not put the leash in your mouth 😉

  • I ♥ him!

    • and my little black puppy girl thinks he's dreamy 🙂

  • Will I see Dude and Ono tomorrow at the dog show?? I will be there.

  • Houston

    I never saw these..Great pictures..He is so darling..

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