Puppy- Basenji Mix

This is Maya and she is a Basenji mix and the mix is what I would like to know. Figured I would post a picture and see what you guys think? She is 2.5 months old and weighs 8.5 pounds.

Cute puppy! She looks more like a Vizsla than anything else to me. Is she showing any typical basenji behaviors? Good luck with her! Welcome to the forum:)

She's gorgeous. Not sure i see any Basenji in her. I agree with Kirsten that there could be some Vizla in there. Either way she looks a lovely puppy.

That is most certainly a vizsla mixed with something..almost looks purebred to me. very very sweet

She is one cute looking little caramel treat!


She is adorable..how wonderful her face is..I see Vizla too..especially with that liver nose..

Supposedly the mother was a Basenji but the shelter categorized her Basenji mix because of the wrinkled forehead and the fact that she doesn't bark but "yoddle". But now that I look her up she does look like a Vizsla…

Do you have more pics of her? Her tail looks like it curls upward but I can't tell exactly what her ears are doing. She is way too small to be a Vizsla but I can see why some see the breed in her. The coloring is similar to a Vizsla.

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