• This is Maya and she is a Basenji mix and the mix is what I would like to know. Figured I would post a picture and see what you guys think? She is 2.5 months old and weighs 8.5 pounds.

  • Cute puppy! She looks more like a Vizsla than anything else to me. Is she showing any typical basenji behaviors? Good luck with her! Welcome to the forum:)

  • She's gorgeous. Not sure i see any Basenji in her. I agree with Kirsten that there could be some Vizla in there. Either way she looks a lovely puppy.

  • That is most certainly a vizsla mixed with something..almost looks purebred to me. very very sweet

  • She is one cute looking little caramel treat!

  • Houston

    She is adorable..how wonderful her face is..I see Vizla too..especially with that liver nose..

  • Supposedly the mother was a Basenji but the shelter categorized her Basenji mix because of the wrinkled forehead and the fact that she doesn't bark but "yoddle". But now that I look her up she does look like a Vizsla…

  • Do you have more pics of her? Her tail looks like it curls upward but I can't tell exactly what her ears are doing. She is way too small to be a Vizsla but I can see why some see the breed in her. The coloring is similar to a Vizsla.

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