Natalino and Ambrato - South African Basenji Puppies!

Hi All,

I got my puppies a little while ago, they are now just over 10 weeks old! I'll be updating my online picture gallery as regularly as I take pics:

Feel free to take a look:) For those that don't want to leave the forum to view the pics, here are a select few:


Congrats on the new "babies!" They are adoreable.

oh they are cutie pies!!!

All these puppy pictures are making me wonder how long my husband can hold out… I want one!!!!!
These two are adorable. I'm partial to the all red face, and your little one has the perfect perpetual worried look. I love it!
Congrats, and enjoy.

Beautiful babies !!!! I just love it when thier lil forheads wrinkle…makes them look so angelic ... LOL ... the lil devils !!!!

they are beautiful. basenji pupies are the cutiest things ever

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