Video of my Beagle/Basenji puppy at 9wks escaping the kitchen

  • Keiko, my 9wk old Basenji/Beagle mix really took after her daddy, my Basenji Anubis. She is 9wks old and knows how to escape the kitchen already lol. Her sister got her daddy's colors but her momma's short stubby legs lol.


  • OMG they are sooooo cute. Definately basenji in there for learning how to climb the baby gate. My boy just found out how to jump over the babygate to get to the Toller. Now we have to lift it up so that he cant get under it and can't jump over top of it. Good luck trying to get your babies to stop!

  • Lol thanks Krunzer! Chloe is more like a Beagle…she cant jump as high and she's more short and pudgy so I dont think Ill have to worry about her haha. Its Keiko I do! She has a Basenji like build and her ears are starting to stand...her tail is curled but not super tight. She was the only one out of a litter of 9 who looks mostly B. Its cute 🙂

    Update on the litter for those who know about them: Everyone else went to their new homes the day they got their 8wks shots (last friday). The new owners are super happy with their pups. And love them to death! Each home was screened before I let them go. I brought the people their new pups so I could see the homes. And all are perfectly suitable! And anything that happens where they cant keep their pup they come back to me. Keiko is mine. and Im keeping Chloe till June when my boyfriends mother comes to visit from Oregon. She will be bringing Chloe back home with her. So everyone is super happy! The pups new names are: Boomer (a tri boy) Gunner (other tri boy) Dog (b/w boy...say D O G fast pronounced Dee Oh Gee), Tux (B/w boy...looks like he has a tuxedo on lol) Cole ( b/w boy) Casey (tri girl) Squeaker (b/w girl) and my 2 Keiko and Chloe. I am in contact with all owners so everything is good!

  • They look like Harper's pups. Harper was a PB Basenji who had pups at a shelter a few years ago. I picked her up and fostered her for BRAT. I saw the pups and they were tri colored and boy could they climb their kennel area at the shelter. Found out later that Harper could scale the 4 foot chain link fence at my house! No wonder she was a stray and no one was looking for her as she probably escaped all the time. The pups looked to be Basenji/Terrier mixes but I guess they could have been Basenji/Beagle mixes now that I have seen a video of your pups.


  • Cute. I'm glad you found good homes for the pups.

    The beagle I had in grad school easily could climb and jump baby gates even when he was still a puppy.

  • She is adorable…big floppy ears trying to stand up 😃

  • Thats interesting Jennifer! Yeah my pups mother is a PB Beagle. Hence how Chloe and the rest got their short stubby legs lol. And I know Moth, her ears have gone through 3 transformations lol. Here's a line of pics to show lol.

    Pic one she had floppy ears (Keiko is on the left), Pic 2…she had one floppy one half pricked lol. And now both her ears are trying to stand haha

  • This is amazing..This floppy ears attracting me. The smooth and shabby color dog looks wonderful .

  • Thanks George. They are adorable! 🙂

  • A lots of love from me to your sweet puppies Anubis's Mommy.. Thanks.

  • Thank you! Lots of love to you and your B's as well!

  • They are soo cute!

  • They're adorable!!

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