• We just saved our guy from the shelter. He's 18 lbs. I think he's a bit underweight. The shelter had him listed as a dachshund mix, but no idea what he's mixed with. He's still very shy and learning to feel at home. Does not bark, but makes a wining noise and howls up a storm when excited or upset. Very active, but likes to sleep undisturbed. He cleans himself continuously like a cat lol. Could he be a whippett basenji mix?
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  • Very cute, but don't really see Basenji. Welcome to the group

  • I'm not seeing Basenji either... does anyone know of a breed with longer back legs, shorter front legs? scratching my head

  • @elbrant - If a mix hard to ID what the mix might be could be many as mixes are.. so really no use is guessing... should just enjoy their pup

  • @elbrant I've seen basenjis like that. I'm going to be different and say there may very well be basenji in him. Some of the behaviors seem basenji, the ears don't know whether to go up or down. Does he have a doggy odor when wet? That would be another point in the 'basenji' column.
    Regardless, you're going to have years of fun!

  • The vet can do a DNA, to find out what mix he is, I do not know what the cost is....

  • Vet's don't actually do breed identification DNA themselves, you have to get a kit yourself - Wisdom Panel or Embark - then send it in. I've used Wisdom Panel panel a few times, cost about $80 5 years ago. Embark is more expensive.

  • @rugosab not sure just as yet. Haven't bathed him. He's definitely not a stinky boy. He keeps himself pretty clean, even cleaning his paws after a walk.

  • Just curious about his breed. Our baby girl we had for 14 years was sharpei dacshhound, along with other things. We learned the sharpei are prone to cancer. We cooked organic food for her and bought her special vitamins. We had her 17 years. Just like to know any issues he may have later in life that we can help prevent0_1589672636937_received_265698314137886~3.jpeg0_1589673244822_IMG_20170223_222825.jpg

  • Definitely see Shar Pei!

  • @giza1 yes. She was a sharpei dachshund mix. Her breed was very prone to cancer, which took her anyway at the age of 17. We had her on a special home cooked diet to help prevent and then treat cancer. That's the only reason we're curious about our new babies breed. Would just like to know anything he may be predisposed to health wise.

  • I understand, but you do have to realise that 17 is a fantastic age for a dog to get to regardless of breed. Many Basenjis get to that age.

  • @rugosab no doggy odor at all. He's so funny. He even rubs his ears like a cat with both paws lol. He's a catdog😂

  • @rocky said in Any ideas of his mix:

    @rugosab no doggy odor at all. He's so funny. He even rubs his ears like a cat with both paws lol. He's a catdog😂

    O. K. those are both Basenji traits. Genotype isn't always reflected in Phenotype, so who knows?

  • definitely some basenji

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