Storm cooling off after a run.

@salemsockmonkey Yay! You did it! Great pic, gorgeous dog!

Love the picture. Worth waiting for!

A fine specimen! Beautiful Basenji! 🐾 Thanks for sharing the photo!

Don't you just love Basenjis, look at that pose....thanks for sharing.

Looks like a fast pup runner with those nice long legs!

Storm waits for his walk in the mornings after his breakfast. He prefers to do his business on the trail rather than in our backyard. We usually go 2-3 miles, 3-4 when it’s cooler. He comes home and is pretty much done for the day unless a squirrel visits or another dog. He prefers to sleep in the big wicker chair for most of the day on the back porch until dinner then after that we play a little catch and retrieve and that’s it for him. He comes in and gets in his bed. He loves his routine.

@salemsockmonkey What a perfect basenji life!

Storm is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing him!!!!

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