Rafikis Son of Storm - My new puppy Jesse

Brought this beautiful puppy home 3/14/14

Congrats, lovely pup! Not on Sally W's pedigree site yet…. what's the breeding?

I don't think Michelle Gahgan has registered the litter yet. She is still placing and naming them. She provided me with the limited registration which I will complete eventually. Busy house training and cuddling now. Breeding is SIRE - GCH CH C-QUEST JOKUBA SILENT STORM / DAM CH RAFIKIS AMERICAN IDOL.

This is my 2nd basenji. I did get my first who I got from a shelter on Sally's site. We had to put her down at age 16.5 about a year and one half ago and are so happy to be able to do this again. My first basenji is on Sally's site as Sirron Sunflower Girl.

Congrats! What an exciting time for you.

Lovely pup, lovely breeding… congrats!!!! Your pup is related to my Franie.... as Blade (his sire) Mom is my Franie and Trip's Mom, Ch AB SS Follow The Money! Welcome to the family!!!!

Small cute and wrinkly, what more could you want, enjoy your new pup, love the name Jesse.

Jolanda and Kaiser

How sweet! Congrats!

First Basenji's

OMG, so cute! good luck and I am so envious…..but really, blessings to you all for a wonderful relationship throughout your lives!!!!

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