Run Puppy, RUN! and Pretty Girl too :)

Here are a few shots of Dude lure coursing… I just love watching him RUN! As you can see, he digs it too 😉

Last weekend we were just 2 points shy of a Best in Field!!!

And not to leave miss Ono out, here is a picture of her just being her gorgeous self! 🙂

And here she is struttin' her stuff at the BCOA national 🙂

Your B&W has a gorgeous head! Love her expression.

Really awesome pics! Thanks for sharing!

great pictures

Beautifully pictures!! Great pose on your b+w!

I think basenjis are the most beautiful creatures - running full out like that and having all feet off the ground, so close to just flying! But Miss Ono is very special too. Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures.

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