• Hi Everyone,

    I am a new basenji fancier in the Gig Harbor area of Washington State. I've been involved in dog shows and dog sports for nine years, but in a totally separate breed (salukis). I'm joining this forum now, because I've branched out of my other breed and I'm on the list with a fantastic breeder for my very first basenji. If everything goes well, knock on wood, I should be expecting to bring home my new puppy in September this year. Looking forward to making connections and learning more about basenjis!

  • Welcome to the list..... unusual that there is a summer litter.... I know most all the breeders in the Pacific Northwest, care to share the details of the expected litter?

  • Always good to see another Basenji breeder. Good luck in your new endeavor.

  • @tanza Since she hasn't publicly announced it yet, I will respect her privacy until she does so. However, she called me and told me openly that in spring seasons, bitches don't always ovulate. She's going to do the progesterone testing tomorrow to make sure she is ovulating before she moves forward with breeding. I'll keep you in the loop about the combo once she's made it public. 🙂 If she isn't ovulating this time around, then she expects puppies to be whelped during typical seasons in the fall/winter.

  • Hello, Gig Harbor

    If you just want it for a pet,ok, but if you want one for show, I would suggest you buy one from down under from Alan and Lauris Hunt , New South Wales, Australia.
    When I was looking for one, found that the American born ones had a
    chance of an eye problem.
    Stafford-Ames Morse [removed email address]

  • @morsesa ....dear person with misinformation. all basenjis have the same possibility of any health issues. dogs down under came from US stock.

  • Thank you dmcarty... short and to the point.

    @Ravensera , be aware that MorseSA is so new to basenjis, he asked if the board knew of any other American/Canadian dual champions. (Extremely common, btw...and many with international titles as well). Please listen to others here years of experience in the breed. And pet or show puppy, you want the same responsible breeders with the same responsible breed testing..

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