I am missing my beloved Basenji Bayley very much. We had to put her down due to neurological issues. I am hoping to have another Basenji soon! I love everything about the breed.

Welcome to the forum Lori. I'm sorry to hear of your loss of Bayley. You can post a tribute to Bayley in the thread "Rainbow Bridge". Rainbow Bridge is where the Basenjis travel when they leave the earth and enjoy eternal play.

Welcome to the forum, i'm sorry for your loss of Bayley..
Were will the new pup come from?

I'm sorry to hear about Bayley. 😞

Welcome to the group.


Welcome to the forum Lori. Sorry to hear about your beloved Bayley.
Tell us more about your new puppy dreams.

Welcome to our group and so sorry for your loss.
Do you have any feelers out for puppy/adult yet?

Welcome to the forum,
I am so sorry for the loss of Bayley, i joined when i lost Benji and it did help.

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