• So my 6months old is in heat right now and I've noticed that she howls in the crate but only when I leave the apartment. Shes always been fine in the crate. The crate is always open in the living room and she likes to go in there and sleep during the day. During night, she sleeps fine in the living room and doesn't howl or anything but only does this when I leave my apt. Is this because of her just in heat right now?

  • It is not clear, is she confined in the crate?

  • no, the crate is fairly large….she can easily move around in it.

  • I think she meant as in locked in, not open.

    I seriously doubt it is just being in heat and really hope this doesn't develop into a habit so you want to work on giving her interesting toys, exercising so she is TIRED etc.

  • My 4 year old B also goes in a locked crate when I'm gone & the crate is always open when I'm home. He does go inside at times to sleep when I home I know he enjoys his crate. Basenjis can have separation issues, but it's something they learn how to deal with… Your B mite be howling because of being in the crate, but likely because your B doesn't like being alone.
    Try giving your B a toy or something that can keep her entertained & only give her that when she goes into the crate when you are gone. Good luck

  • Sounds like she is letting you know where she is - Lela really (I mean REALLY) howls when she does not know where we are.
    When we leave our B's alone, we always tell them we are leaving and when we will be back. They understand. We don't use crates.

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