New water bowl for Tayda and Lenny

So since Tayda is a Fanconi B and needs lots and lots of water everyday I was shopping online to find a BIG water bowl for her. Came across this one that is fed by a 2L bottle and thought it was HILARIOUS! It just arrived yesterday and i didn't have a 2L bottle on hand but I just filled the bowl to get her to drink out of it so y'all could see the relative size of it. LOVE this thing! Might have to get another for upstairs as well!


OMG that is freaking awesome!!! Is it ceramic?

Yep it's ceramic! I'm a bit afraid of breaking it, but I just HAD to buy it.

I love it! Where did you get it?

LOL!! Awesome

First Basenji's

I want one too!!!!! Too hilarious!

OMG that thing is hilarious! Now I would be able to let my B actually drink out of the toilet like a "regular" dog HA HA.

Mine already have one like that, but it's much larger…...

I bought 2 of them yrs ago and my daughter and husband declared me and them trashy. I LOVED them but got tired of their whining and comments so my millionaire gf took them to live with her home where the family, visitors and her cats and dogs could enjoy their humor. When she died a few years ago her husband said I could have them back if I wanted them but her daughter asked if she could have them if I didn't mind. And I didn't.

Hilarious, but I am sure highly functional!

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