Let me introduce our Enya
First Basenji's

Just when I thought your family couldn't get any more adorable… 🙂

Oh, she is absolutely gorgeous! Such a sweet face. Congratulations! I can't think of a better Christmas present. 🙂


They sure are! And they are also soooo much trouble! (but definitely worth it) I am getting too old to take on a responsibility that will potentially last 16 years or more…..so from now on, only rescues for us. But I envy you!

I understand, but the rescues are as sweet as the little ones I think, they have so much love to give and they are always so thankfull..


Such a cute christmas present!
BTW, where did you get the basenji candle?


OMG adorable!!!! I want a little baby again. It was so much fun when we brought Tucker home….Becca we got when she was 6 mo. I had to go back and look for the basenji candle after someone else said something about it. I love it too! Congrats on your new baby she sure is a sweetie.

The picture is taken by our breeder, she is now almost 6 weeks so not at home yet, but we do too have the candle at home..
I believe we bought it at a show from the dutch basenji club..
I checked the site for you but I don't find it there now.


Just when I thought your family couldn't get any more adorable… 🙂

🙂 Thank you so much, we enjoy them all so much and we can't wait untill she is running down our house, playing with the boys and stealing catfood, yodeling with a toy in her mouth, running away when Chaffie wants to steal the toy back 🙂
I even look forward to guiding her trough her first nights at home 🙂

What a pretty girl - I can imagine how excited you are. The weeks will quickly go by,

Your boys are going to adore her, and she will rule them in short order, I predict. She is a very pretty baby, I am excited for you!

She is so adorable. Makes me melt all over again seeing little baby girls - I remember when mine looked like that, before she knew enough to become a normal basenji she was just a little lover. Now she's 3 - amazing either of us has lasted this long.:rolleyes:

congratulations, she's beautiful

Beautiful name, beautiful pup. Congrats!

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