Ryan and Enya

I couln't resist sharing these pictures, they are pure love between a 10 weeks old Basenji puppie and her little human brother Ryan…

Just before we had lunch today, both were tired and Ryan was snuggling at the couch when Enya was searching for a place to take a nap...
She loves Ryan and Ryan loves her so much..
Ryan is already very respectfull to his big Basenji brothers and cats but for Enya... it's like she is his precious gem...
When we are in the city and someone wants to pet Enya, Ryan stands in front of her and "shows" how to pet his girl... first let her smell you hand and then pet her under her mouth, because she likes that very much..
He does that since one boy, same age as Ryan wanted to pet her and put his hand on top of her head, we explained the boy how to pet a doggie and Ryan was showing it to him.. so cute...
It's so nice for Ryan to be with two growing up family members (James and Enya)

Well enough talking, here are the pictures of my two little ones...

And here is a note from Enya 😃 (with a laugh)

Hello, I am Yulara Ruqaya but you may call me Enya.
The name Ruqaya means superior and superior I am..
I am a little princess and I get everything that I want… duhuh:

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Super cute - both Ryan & Enya. He must love having a "b" that is more his size! 😉


These are great shots. I shared them with a friend.

So precious!!!!!

Ryan is probably the coolest little boy I know!!!!

Love the pictures! Enya shows lots of character in her expressions. 🙂


So precious!!!!!

Ryan is probably the coolest little boy I know!!!!

I totally agree! Ryan is so in tune with animals. How wonderful to be that way at his age!

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