Enya, her sisters and brother are two weeks!

And now you all know her name! 🆒

We are two weeks!

We have started to play!!

The male!

Everything is going fine, they are becoming playful and naughty 😃

Another 6 weeks…..
in about 4 weeks we will know whitch girl is coming to live with us!!!

Oh…they are so precious. How do stand all that waiting?

Is the breeder picking your girl for you?

What a beautiful Mommy dog - such love for her little ones!

What a difference a week makes- they went from string beans to big roly poly jelly beans!

Thank you all!

Moth, we are second on the list for a girl but if we can decide for ourselfe we will ask Mia the breeder for advice, she knows the puppies really well and is withthem every day.
So she can tell us what the personality is, we only have the pictures but we are very trustfull she will help to pick the right girl 😃

What fat little pups! Mom is lovely, pups are all round and cute.


mom looks exhausted!

That was my thought as well. She just looks SO over it! Poor girl!

And to think, we humans generally only have one to take care of! I'm sure she has no sympathies for us! While she looks exhausted, I'm guessing that's the sign of a great mom!!

😃 Think so too, she is doing so great and she is so proud at her pups!
I don't want to think of having six but… she only has to deal with them for 8 weeks 😃

She does have that look of long-suffering in her eyes. Much as I am sure she loves her pups, she will likely be happy when they leave!

I love little spotty noses!

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