• Last weekend we were making pictures of the dogs, cats and Ryan
    After a few minutes Ryan climbed at his chair with Buana and went to hug him…..
    Of course we took pictures....
    Enjoy the love from the pictures.... 🙂

    And the sweetest picture:

  • Houston

    I love these..what great dogs you have..and of course Ryan is irresistable..:)

  • Those pictures are ultimate, and I'm putting in a bet that Ryan will become a vet when he grows up. What a lovely family you have.

  • I bet Ryan thinks he's a Basenji! They are truly lovely pictures and demonstrate how Basenjis are great with children when they are brought up properly.

  • These wonderful photos prove that kids and basenjis can thrive together! You and Kas made it happen with your leadership and love.

  • nice pics, thats one tolerant B

  • Thanks all 🙂

    We are so proud that our animals are so kind with Ryan and that Ryan has great respect for them.
    It's great to see a one year old child loving his animal brothers so much and that he already understand how to be around them with so much respect. I think he learned it from looking at how we care for them at home.
    He knows he can't touch their tailes and he won't 😃
    Last week he met a jack russel puppie and he put out his hand so the puppie could smell him, after that he pet him at his back. (of course the puppies mommy hold him close by)

    I was the same as Ryan when I was his age, we had a mixed breed Great Dane x New foundlander (or someting like that) he was as high as a big shetlangpony and from him I learned that a life with a doggie friend next to you is everyting you need 😃

    BUT, I can't say it enough, never let a child allone with an animal.
    We are around them 24/7 and our boys are used to live with him very close but I would never walk away for a minute.
    What if the boys are playing and Ryan want to join and jumps right into them, OR they think there is a dangerous situation and they try to bring Ryan to safety, they only have a mouth to hold him..

  • Thank you for posting the 'warning' - it's so easy to be complacent when you've got a good situation with dogs and children.

    Its realy good too that you've taught Ryan to be so sensible around dogs.

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