• Sleeping togheter

    Being cute togheter….


    Buana first played the alpha dog by teaching James what he could and couln't do with the other animals, sort of a teacher.
    When you have to teach a kitty, you will be busy the whole day (espessially with a Bengal kitty 😃 )
    But when James turned into Buana's special student ( don't know if thats only a good thing haha) they are really close... 🙂

    Last week, Buana and Chafuko were sleeping in the radiator hammocks (they are hanging next to eachother) James jumped on top of Buana and went sleeping op top of him, Buana even liked it.... (warm.... cosy...) haha

    I don't know if I already posten this picture:

  • Kim, I love all your photos! James fits right in, both in behavior and color, they look great together. You do an amazing job of integrating your dogs, cats, & babies into a big happy family. James looks almost as big as the dogs!

  • That's a couch full of love!!!!

  • Great pics!!! It's so cool they get along really well!!! (I think James thinks he's a basenji… :p;):D)

  • Love that last picture 😃 Super cute!

  • I am not particularly a cat person, but I have to tell you that you are creating serious cat-envy!

  • James looks like he's in charge to me, Buana had better watch out 😉
    I love the pic of the 3 pet curls on the sofa.

  • I forget, what kind of cat is that? A bengal?

  • Thanks all! 😃

    Yes, James is a Bengal cat, his adult weight will be the same as a small Basenji, but his brothers (same mom and dad) are not fat and have the same weight as a big basenji… 😃

    @ Macpack, thank you very much!
    Intergating a new animal (or human) into the family takes time, research and knowlegde of a dogs and cats mind. 🙂 We try to think as a dog and a cat so we can get a little idea of how they react.
    The best thing is to know every animal that good that you can use his/her positive things in a new situation.
    When we move to land, we will add our 3th doggie into our family, we always wanted a great dane but also liked the Dogo Argentino very much.
    A few week ago we got the oppurtunity to get a great dane girl that needed a new home.
    (we were busy with buying another ship and a home for us at land, I would move to land permanent and Kas would sail one of the two weekd) but they didn't accept our offer so we had to turn down the great dane girl.. We still feel really bad about it..
    But it made clear, the new dog will be the great dane... and it becomes again a male.
    So that will be our next "job" 😃

  • I'm sorry to hear that the Great Dane didn't work out… Did you visit her? Ah well.. all good things come to those who wait.. 🙂 (or at least.. that's what I hope ;))

  • I love those pictures! Your cat is beautiful, I love bengals!

    I was really surprised at how Maya has taken to my cats. She adores them. They all snuggle up together to sleep and Maya washes them and everything, like they're her babies 😃 Its adorable. Maybe its because basenji's are so cat-like themselves…

  • First Basenji's

    Help! I'm dying of a cute overdose here!!

  • What a great picture of all three so nice they all love each other. I love your kitty I want one so post more pictures so I will not get one.

    Rita Jean

  • @Janneke:

    I'm sorry to hear that the Great Dane didn't work out… Did you visit her? Ah well.. all good things come to those who wait.. 🙂 (or at least.. that's what I hope ;))

    We didn't visit her, just because if we did… we would have taken her home..

    And we're hoping the same thing... so we're waiting a bit longer 🙂

  • @vickilb:

    That's a couch full of love!!!!

    And it looks like humans don't ever get to sit on the orange couch!

  • Ayo shares our home with my two cats,.. they sort of get along, Ayo is always trying to play nip them and they dont like it too much. Frida, thats the girl is a siamese and she plays a little but then Ayo gets too rough and Lucas ,who is huge for a cat comes and defends her, Ayo always ends up crying!!

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