Buana and his little brother

Buana is always very proud when he can act like a big brother…
When I ask him if he want to come lie down next to ryan he immediately walk to me with his front legs up to my legs so I can lift him.
Buana will search very carefull for a place to lie down, give Ryan a big "earwash" hahah

They love eachother!:)

(I do want to mention, always be very careful with kids and dogs. A baby can make a sudden movement that scars the dog.. never leave them a few meters allone!)


Wonderful picture..pure love right there.

Ohhh, Buana is great as Big Brother. I like how Ryan's looking at Buana :D.

You are raising another B lover! Good job!!!!

Buana is so stately looking while taking care of Ryan. This picture just screams as to why a dog is so important to a family. Fabulous picture with two lovely subjects.

Absolutely lovely picture, it captures the special relationship humans have with dogs.

What a wonderful picture!

That is one of the best pictures ever. Two great loves so special.

Rita Jean

Thanks everyone for your very nice comments, they?re just so special to me (same as kas, chafuko and spaiky of course;) )

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