• He's a bit spoiled.. I replaced the toys yesterday (we have over 100 toys and every week I change the toys that are lying around the house)

    I found Buana's winter jacket also.. it's nice weather here but yesterday was a bit grey and rainy..
    Just for fun we called Buanawith us and when he saw his jacket 😃 he yodeled… hahaha we put it on and he didn't wanted to take it off...

    There he was, in the middel of Spring, not cold, bit rainy and inside the house... WITH HIS JACKET ON

    "The weather is sooooooo rainy… and I'm sooo sad about it..."

    Oww little brother, imagine youre getting cold…. come here..

    Mommy, I'm much more beautiful for a picture!!!

    Pretty boy.. hahahaha

    No Chafuko, I won't let you borrow my jacket!

    Close up

    My boys…

    After a few hours, he came to Kas.. His jacket came off... he tryed to tell us he wanted his jacket back on...:D

  • Sorry, I see the picture of Chafuko is a bit big..

  • Nice Jacket! 100 toys! Buddy only has about 3. He will destroy the toughest toys quite fast. I've thrown $13 toy away after 5-10 minutes.

  • Very Chavvy!!! 😃

  • First Basenji's

    Awe! Your boys are beautiful, and I love the jacket! I wish Cody liked toys as much as your boys do. He prefers an old pillow that he can pull the fluff out of and throw around, and he ignores almost everything else.

  • That jacket!!

    There's a certain 'Liam Gallagher' swagger to the way he's sporting that look, all very cool.

    Great pictures,


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