Chaffie and James

Don't have much spare time to make a lot of pictures with our camera but here is one I like so much…

They are true friends and so close to eachother!

Wonderful picture. Beautiful brindle. I always loved the darker brindles.

Just confirms my suspicions that Basenjis are part cat. 😃 Great shot!

😃 I must say that this is a Bengal cat… it is a Basenji in cat clothes 😃

That is a great picture!

lovely picture - they look so cosy.

They look great together. Funny how Basenjis are considered part-cat at times and Bengal cats are considered part-dog. They're equal to some extent. 🙂

You do such a wonderful job of merging species: cats, rats, dogs, babies and adult humans, all get along wonderfully! Love this photo.

Thank you MacPack 🙂 But believe me.. we don't do more than just being a family together..
They just like eachother very much!

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