James and Chafuko

They are best friends.. Chafuko is such a sweet little guy 😉
He knows it isn't a other dog but a little kitty that is still a bit fragile 😉
I just take some pictures of Chafuko cleening James his ears… (upload them later)

James is growing into a very handsome little bengal…. He's very sweet and even Spaik has fallen in love..

The pics with James & Chafuko are way too cute!!!

Such sweet pictures of both of them together - they look like they will be best friends forever.

Looks like James and Chafuko have formed a beautiful friendship. When a kitty lets a dog take his whole belly in his mouth and it's play, it's a wonderful thing. Great pictures, as always.

What a beautiful kitty….. and great pictures too

what a beautiful animal family you have!!!

First Basenji's

I just love your little family… animals and all.

Agree with sonnyboy, you have a lovely family (2 and 4 footers) and James is a beautiful kitty.

Thank you all so much 🙂

What a cute kitty - looks like a little ocelot…


What a cute kitty - looks like a little ocelot…

Thanks, when other people see him without knowing he is a Bengal.. they think it's a real jaguar haha 😃

The are mixed in the fifty's with the Wild tiger cat, so it's a young breed..
Just like the Basenji not a easy breed to have.

James is handsome! Great pics of him and Chafuko playing 🙂

Awe he is so beautiful!! And look at those paws, big things. LOL James is wonderful little man and it is great how gets along with Chafuko.

What a handsome cat James is going to grow up to be. Lovely to see that Chafuko gets on so well with him.

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